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Hi Friends

I am going to buy a new 40 inch Samsung Smart tv LED.

Right i m puzzled between two models.

One is 3D and other is not.

One thing goes in mind again n again that there no such 3D content on DTHs and only few movies are coming in 3D. To view in 3D glasses are necessary and limited people 1 or 2 can enjoy. 3D LED Costs more Bucks.

Does 3D LEDs have less life then others?

Samsung 40ES5600 ( Rs. 75000) Pakistani (Non 3D)
Samsung 40ES622 ( Rs. 91000) Pakistani (3D)

One more thing is that Non 3D (40ES5600) have no bulit in WIFI and i have to buy separate WIFI Dongal (Rs. 6000) to get internet facilities, that will make total Rs. 81000 for Non 3D LED, so only Rs. 10000 difference between the two LEDs. on other hand 3D (40ES6200) have built in WIFI.

Whom should i go for 3D or not 3D?

40ES6200 (3D)