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Help choosing a Projector for ~$500.

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I'm looking at a couple of projectors in and below the $500 range for gaming/TV/movies. With that in mind, here's my current "maybe this" list:

Viewsonic PJD5523w This is what started me on my projector hunt. My friend just bought this product, and I like it a lot. I'm just wondering if I should stick with this guy or if anyone could recommend something else.

Viewsonic PJD6253 I haven't been able to find anymore reviews on this guy, and I was considering getting it used. Is that a good idea?

Epson EX5210 I'm not decided on whether or not I want a 3D unit, if not, would this be a better option than the Viewsonics?

Viewsonic PJD5133 A cheaper alternative to their bigger siblings.

Acer H5360LG PA70G What's the deal with this guy? Apparently he's on sale through Frys. Would this be a better choice than either of the Viewsonics up top?

Honestly, I'm leaning towards the Viewsonic PJD5523w because I've seen it in action. I would appreciate and love suggestions though.
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Here's some info on the room:

14.5' wide by 15.5' deep and about 8' tall. The room can get pretty bright at times, but I can pull the curtains.

I was thinking a short throw projector might do me good? Especially if the missus and I move to a smaller apartment.
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If you're at all interested in 3D, I would strongly consider the Vivitek D538W-3D... it has all the necessary processing on board to handle pretty much any 3D source directly without any need for conversion boxes like the 3D-XL. You can output Frame Packed 3D directly from a BD player as well as SBS and T/B directly from a cable box, satellite receiver, or gaming console. It's currently on sale at MicroCenter for $479, about $120 less than everywhere else and under your $500 limit. MicroCenter is an authorized dealer and they also have quite a few B&M locations around the country.
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I'll look into the Vivitek D538W3D, thanks.

I'm also looking at the BenQ W710st short throw projector. What do you think of that unit?
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The BenQ is a solid unit, but have you looked at your screen size and actual available throw distance to see if you need a specifically short throw projector?

These days I don't think I would spend more than $500 for a 2D (or 3D ready without internal processing for all formats) 720p projector without a very specific reason or use case.
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