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Bel canto c5i

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Can anyone recommend the bel canto c5i integrated amp for 2 channel audio.

I hate to say I am interested in it because of the look.

But I do like class d amps. I also like the nad c390dd.

Any advice is welcome.
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I would suggest that you consider either the Musical Fidelity M3i or the Arcam A28. IMO they are both better-sounding amplifiers.
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I purchased the BC C5i online but returned it after one week because the unit seemed better suited for an office or bedroom system where sound quality is not so important. I tried not to be hyper-critical since the unit was new but could't get past the lack of bass depth and clarity in my system. Maybe this shortcoming would improve after a few weeks but using small monitor speakers (Totems), I wasn't so sure. BTW, the large green numbers on the volume setting were distracting when listening to music... at least to me. What followed was a trip a local audio store, borrowing a few integrated amplifiers and discovering the Naim Nait. The compact, cool running Nait sounded fantastic with my Totem monitors, and much more musical IMO than the C5i. Highly recommended.

Best Regards, Kendrick.
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I just did a listening comparison of the Bel Canto C5i and Arcam A18 (the A28 was not available) with a pair of Joseph Audio RM22 speakers. The Bel Canto sounded excellent -- lots of clarity, not overpowering bright. I don't know what it would be like to listen to them for an extended time, but it was enjoyable. Joseph Audio and Bel Canto are often paired, so it might depend on your speakers.

The Arcam has a much warmer sound. On some music the A18 sounded a little muddled, which I think would not be a problem with the A28.

I agree, the look and feel of the Bel Canto is attractive.
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