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The 809 just dropped to 573 on amazon.com. So that makes it even better than when I had made that post when it was at 650 online. I think I'll pick it up., if I can sell my current receiver. If I have to, I'll double up on the XPA-3s though but right now I think that's all I could afford is the XPA-3. I couldn't do a no center channel set up. Maybe I'll add an XPA-2 later though instead of two XPA-3s and have the XPA-3 power the surrounds and center and the XPA-2 get the towers.
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That's an awesome price on the Onk!!! Way to go. Good plan on the emo's, that's exactly what I did, got the three channel first and added the 2ch later. I was running a 7.2 so I had my AVR powering the surrounds but now rocking a modest 5.0 so the AVR is taking a rest and acting like a pre
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I know this is a change in direction but I looked inside to see how good the tweeter was and it looks pretty cheap. It is the flattest tweeter i have ever seen. IF ANYONE WANTS TO GO THIS ROUTE and just get better tweeters, these should do MUCH better than the ones in the polk, especially with the amps ya'll are naming out. Vifa BC25SC06-04. They should fit just right although bit wont look the same, just keep the grills on the speakers. I haven't blown the tweeters in my Monitor 70's but I think the High range could be better, that's just my opinion. 

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