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HTPC to HDTV Picture Quality

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I am usually a calm person, especially as an IT manager, since I deal with morons all day, but I am about to pull my already thinning hairline out =))

Have an HTPC
(Core2Quad 9550, 8GB Ram)
Just installed ATI HD6670 (Had 4770 but HDMI port wasn't HDCP ready)

Have a Sharp LC-70LE735U 3D TV

I use XBMC and Ceton with WMC

I can't seem to get the picture quality worked out to its max potential

Most HD movies are playing great. Recently got 3D to work through the HTPC and its fine for the most part

However on XBMC my older shows like Star Trek and on WMC some HD channels are not very sharp. I would say a little grainy. Not sure what other terminology to use. Sports are the worst. Wide and far shots are the worst, can't see the faces, just blurry all over and the ball moving looks like Japanese porn (where the blur out naughty places)

I've played around with the TV. There is no specific option for PC like there was on my Samsung 52 inch... I set the picture quality to PC. That made it really dark so I played around with the colors and its much better now. however the sharpness I am almost used to is still not there. I downloaded the manual for the TV, but its instructions do not match the actual MENU on the TV, so I cannot adjust the PC input. Its connected to HDMI2 and its labeled PC and the picture quality is set to PC, but there is nothing else under any other menu where I can tell the TV that this is a PC (using a monster HDMI cable)

I played around with ATI settings as well, but no matter what, the picture is so so. Colors are amazing, over all quality is great, but faces are just a bit out of focus

Where do you think I should start?
I am pretty annoyed and not sure if this is the TV culprit or the card.
I know computers and technology pretty well but I am not too familiar with adjusting video ( on PC or TV )

Let me know if you need any additional information

I would appreciate some step by step instructions, links, ideas, suggestions or anything else that would help me here

Basically I need to understand if there is actually a problem with the TV configuration, HTPC configuration, or am I just losing my mind because this is a 70inch and some stuff just won't look good on it

Please help...... I really don't want to throw my wife or dog through the TV!

Thank you
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Seems like you have problems with de-interlacing. Deinterlacing always has to be done in best possible quality. Better deinterlacing = more focused and detailed picture. In CCC go to Video and set DI slider to Vector Adaptive, tick "auto". Disable all other postprocessing features in Video or set to "take settings from the app" or whatever.
I guess those XBMC and WMC output in RGB colorspace? If so, makes sence to set CCC (and TV) to RGB (FullRGB) too. In TV terms RGB often means "PC" for HDMI and FullRGB means "High" level of Black also.
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Everything is already set that way. Just confirmed....

Just to make my self clear, its not grainy per say. Hard to explain... more like pixelated... For example if I am watching sports, the ball looks totally blurry.. if i look closer, it looks very pixelated

I am having a hard time understanding the root of this.... it doesnt seem to be TV related

This started when i reconfigured my set up... I now have an hdmi switch (since my bose lifestyle 38 doesnt have hdmi ports)... i thought it might the hdmi switch so i plugged in the original way, but the same problem persists. Tried different cables as well

What's weird is that 1080p movies and 3D movies look awesome. its the lower quality videos are that are not

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One possible reason for the blur and pixelation is video bitrate is too low ( < 5Mbps) for HD.

While XBMC is playing hit the 'O' key and you can see the playback bitrate

For example
D(Video: h265, yuv420P, 1920x1080) P(vq:99%, dc:ff-h264_vdpau, MB/s:41:12. drop:5, pc:4)

The bitrate above is 41 Mbits/s

More info here
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