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Receiver choose for Jamo S426 HC3S? Yes, i searched before i start this thread.

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Hello guys. This is my first post in this forum. I am not a forum noob, so i searched what i want before i start this thread.

Anyway, I have been reading the Jamo S426 HC3S is a very good setup. Great for the price and kinda like begineer setup as well.

Just an FYI, amazon is asking for 115.00 prime shipping available now smile.gif

I will be moving in a house and im gonna be living in the basement... size of the area is 19x12.
Current TV is a 32" Sharp with HDMI ports. but i will upgrade it to 40"+ LCD/LED HDTV in the future. TV will be in the middle of the room (against the wall, of course smile.gif)

I am planning to hook my macbook up, so i can listen to the music via these speakers.

I will say its around 80% music 20% movie ratio when using it. Type of musics are mostly Pop,Rock,R&B,Blues,Raggae..occasionally Rap or Bass. I will consider a sub in the future. Maybe a Jamo S210 or depends on what is on sale
My current computer speakers are Logitech X-530 (just as reference?)

For HDMI inputs...

i need at least 2 of them. One for my HP laptop, and i might purchase a blueray DVD player in the future.

I am not an audio enthusiast, so i am not planning to upgrade my speakers or receivers to those 100000000 dollars one.

I do see people get Denon AVR 1911, Onkyo TX-NR 414,TX-NR579,Yamaha HTR-3063,Pioneer VSX-420-K...etc for receivers

I am on a budget for receivers.. cheap and good is what i want. I dont mind refurbished. I know cheap usually is not best..thats why i said good. hahhaha

I was looking at the specs of both receivers and the Jamo...and i found a few. Now, experts please acknowledge me...which is should i get? if they are not good, why are they not good, or not recommend? I really wanna know more, so i dont have to keep starting threads and people will like "Oh god, idiots!"

Denon AVR 1312

Denon AVR 1513

Denon AVR 391

Onkyo RC330

Onkyo R590

Onkyo TX-NR509

Yamaha HTR-3063
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Bump! All advice are appreciated!
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I have the Onkyo TX-NR509 and I'm very happy with it. I used to have it run a Jamo 426 set but I upgraded the speakers as I wasn't completely happy with them for music. For HT use they were great, at least when considering the price. The 509 had no problem running the Jamo set.

I subscribe to the theory that unless something is broken, all amplification is the same, and that you should choose amps and receivers based on features. So, I wholeheartedly recommend the Onkyo 509 if it has what you need smile.gif
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I asked and google it. It seems like Onkyo has some sort of problem with power turning on and off or broke down easily?

Right now, im debating between Yamaha RX-V371, V373, and HTR-3063BL. They are powering Jamo S426 for now. Any input is appreciated!
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The power in the 371, 373 and 3063 are all the same. Take your pick, they will all work. The 3063 is the same receiver as the 371.
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One last question. I heard the jamo is not really good in music but more on the movie side. If i replace a pair of speaker with bookshelves, with that be better? Like Polk R150 for example?
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I'm checking out the Jamo s426, can you tell me what you upgraded to?
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