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Watch TV/Cable on PS3 in the USA

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The UK has had PlayTV for a while now, but it appears we are finally going to be able to watch TV on the PS3 in the US - at least those of us wtih HDHomeRun Prime devices will be able to. I can't wait for this firmware to be released! smile.gif

I recently made the jump to CableCard, and was thinking about building another HTPC for the game room, where we have no tuner. This completely solves that problem!

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So, if I rent a cable card from my cable company, will I be able to get cable TV through my PS3 with this device on any TV?
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You will also need the HDHomeRun Prime receiver to plug the CableCard into, about $129. This version of the firmware hasn't been released for the Prime yet, I'm running the latest beta right now and the HDHomeRun doesn't show up on my PS3 yet. I'll report back when it is up and running.
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These devices connect to your router and stream to boxes on your network.

There's also versions that are USB instead of ethernet, but they still show up as network streaming devices to your pc.

Cable cards rent $2 / month.

Some cable companies also require you to rent a Tuner card.
Cox in my area doesnt.

One note, you need a really strong cable signal for some reason.
My old TV card worked just fine with 62% quality... but this Hauppage hdhomerun locks up and requires reboots of the device and the windows pc on occasion.
I've spent a lot of time and $$$ replacing splitters and cable. My signal is now at 75%. Seems to be better but I still had to reboot once last night.

These devices use Windows Media Center to play. That's a pretty quality app.

Got a weird error about Protected tv content and video cards last night. Had to reinstall ATI catalyst drivers12.10.

Lots of glitches but watching HD digital; TV signals is AWESOME on a good setup.

ps. 2 tuners in the Windows Media Center world doesnt mean anything. You cant actually watch 2 things at once (aka swap inputs).
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HDHomeRun is not a Happauge product. It's from SiliconDust. I have 100% signal coming off my 7db attenuation splitter port, no problem here at all, but I'm FiOS. The 3db port off the splitter goes to my Verizon router. SiliconDust does not have a USB device. If there was a CableCard USB device, it would be extremely bulky, as the M Stream CableCard is the form of the old PCCard/PCMCIA card.

The HDHomeRun Prime has 3 cable tuners within. I also have a two-tuner HDHomeRun non-CableCard tuner, which receives either ATSC antenna or unencrypted digital cable (ClearQAM). All 5 tuners are available within my Windows Media Center, and all can be recorded and/or watched simultaneously. I don't have to perform any manual "switch inputs" as you mention.

The limit of tuners on Windows 7 is four of each type, not two. So you can have 4 analog, 4 digital antenna, 4 ClearQAM, and 4 CableCard tuners at the same time. There's an application called TunerSalad ($5) that ups the limit to 12.

I have not had any issues with encryption, or HDHomeRun or PC lockups, and these are not new installations.

I stream TV to two dedicated HTPCs, my home office PC (which I'm on now and watching cable TV), and one iPad2.

Verizon charges me $3.99 per month to rent the CableCard, which I think is a rip-off, but it beats paying them for their DVRs and set-top boxes. The only real disadvantage is that a movie recorded on one HTPC cannot be viewed on another if the channel is marked as "do not copy". This is mostly true with the big movie channels only, such as Cinemax, Showtime and HBO. The regular channel recordings work just fine on any of the systems.

To make this relevant to my post, the reason the do not record channels will work on the PS3 and not many other systems out of the box is because they support the standard required to do so. I think it's another advantage for the PS3.
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Hey, dont get all defensive. Hauppage wintv-2650 must be a rebadged product from Silicondust.

My firmware has HdHomerun in the name, and I'm running this app called hdhomerun_config to query the cable levels i downloaded from silicondust right now.

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My goal wasn't to be defensive, just wanted to make sure there was no confusion in the event someone wanted to go down this path.

I see what you mean about two tuners, the SiliconDust ones have three.

I got to thinking about this, it would be pretty neat if it works through Remote Play. Along the lines of what is talked about in this article.

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Beta firmware for HDHomeRun Prime released yesterday. Have tested it here, works great. Picture quality on PS3 is fantastic. All channels working, even encrypted channels.

Project:Connect beta – HDHomeRun® Prime users to have DLNA support

The SiliconDust team is happy to announce the first Project:Connect beta release. Head over the http://my.hdhomerun.com/beta and sign up. A valid email address and HDHomeRun® Prime (HDHR3-CC) device ID is required.

Key Features:

Serve live content to MPEG2 capable DLNA/UPnP renders.
Serve live copy-protected content to DTCP-IP certified renders.
Beta users will utilize the standard DLNA UI offered on devices; we encourage productive feedback. As a part of Project:Connect, we will be enhancing the User Experience based on our roadmap and your productive feedback. We are extremely interested in your likes, dislikes, and feature requests. Connect with the HDHomeRun® community via the Project:Connect forum: http://www.silicondust.com/ext/forum
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How is the PS3 able to work with this? Does the tuner show up under the 'video' section? You click on it, and it displays available channels?
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Works through DLNA. Yes it shows up on the Video section. Yep, all the channels appear. There is no guide yet, but if you are like me and you have a dedicated game room setup, it eliminates the need for a cable box if you just want to be able to put on a certain channel, for example if a game is on. So right now at this point, you have to know what channel you want to watch. The encrypted channels work because the PS3 supports DTCP-IP.
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Thanks for the details. I was just curious about how the PS3 gui handled its end of things. Nice feature, and I guess props to Sony for looking ahead. Of course, they are content providers, so no surprise they equipped the PS3 with all the DRM needs.
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I'm hoping at some point there will be an app. It would not be difficult to take this all the way and give it a guide and DVR capabilities. As I mentioned in the first post, they already have these capabilities in England.
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I seriously doubt the PS3 will ever be used as a DVR. Not enough HD space, assuming people still buy these for games, and all the DLC that that entails. The guide will be sticky too, from what I have run into trying to get PVR running on XBMC. There just aren't any "legal" free options in the US. Just being able to use the PS3 as a dumb tuner is enough for me, as long as at some point we can limit the channel list. Maybe add some folder sorting.
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It already is being used as a DVR in England, so it is already happening, has been for a while.

I don't know about your PS3, but one of mine has 500gb, the other 320. smile.gif

I do agree, that's not much space for recording, but it would be an interesting study.

I'm an HTPC geek too, I started with GBPVR about 6 years ago on Windows XP, been using 7MC ever since Windows 7 was released as beta. I'm watching Throw Mama from the Train on Epix2 in the corner of the monitor I'm typing this on as I speak.

It did stink when the free guides went away for GBPVR. That's one of the nice things on 7MC, free guides.
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Didn't know about that UK thing. Interesting. It would be interesting to hear from people who have or are using it. When that came out there was the 40 and 60 gig only. I'm thinking some major compression was/is being used.
As for the channel guide, I guess SD could "subscribe" to one on behalf of their users. I believe that is what MS does for WMC.
What I am really hoping is this expands to the point they produce their own backend, so I can finally ditch WMC and go all in with XBMC.
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XBMCbuntu would be nice. No Windows licensing cost, easy install, etc.
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