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Lexicon MC1

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Hello all.

I'm new here and I hope I'm not breaking any protocols by asking for advice first thing?

I have a lexicon MC1 that had a broken power supply. I replaced the power supply with a working one from a DC1 mkI that works.

The MC1 now fires up and does everything it should do except that the sound is horrible. I've just tried it in stereo for now and the screeching coming from both speakers is quite scary. Music comes out too, but its overlaid with the scary screechiness :-((

Could it be because the DC1 power supply is not quite the right one? Or is the MC1 just fir for the tip perhaps?

I didn't pay much for it, but it seems a shame to throw it out if I can fix it.

Any advice will be most gratefully received indeed.

Incidentally I'm using Adam Audio active compacts for the front pair and Adam AX3's for the rears. No centre as yet. And a BK sub.

It all sounds wonderful through the DC1 but I want to use that in another room and the MC1 for the main room if I can.
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Hello...anyone here?

Please help...?
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Why not email Lexicon and ask them to sell you the proper power supply? As a former DC1v4 owner, I recommend not investing too much in that MC1. Processors have come a long way in 10 years.
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You might try Pyramid Audio for the power supply. http://www.pyramid-audio.com/ They have been repairing the Lexicon processors and might have some power supplies.

OT: Google their business... you can now see inside places of business on Google Maps now... scary. rolleyes.gif
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Thanks for the tips gents.

Ill take a look at pyramid and email lexicon to see what they say.

I'm a bit disappointed to hear that the lexicons of old aren't up to much these days though. I thought they would have held their own, especially with the less expensive newer varieties.
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Ps Sam, could you recommend me a processor of a similar or better sounding standard to the MC1 please?

I only use it for DD and DTS, but sometimes it must perform well in stereo only duties with a digital feed from a Mac mini with lossless files.

I have splendid active speakers so I don't need an av amp as such, just the processor. And, sadly for the time being, cash is restricted so a quite cheap s/h one might be the best bet do you think?

Many thanks for your time and thoughts any and everyone.

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