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Recommended out-of-box settings for Epson 5020/6020?

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I am setting up my new Epson and was wondering if there are some recommended tweaks. I realize "to each their own" but I would love to try out some recommended changes to the defaults. I tried changing from Econ mode to Normal mode and wow the noise is way too high to use Normal mode! So i will stick with ECONO mode and try some various changes. THX mode seems pretty good. What about Auto Iris? Any suggestions?
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Check the owners thread for Epson 5020/6020 for help.
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I am up to post 414 in the owners thread. There is a lot of.chatter but not many tips. I thought i might get some direct responses by posting a new request. Anyone?
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Originally Posted by jsil View Post

Check the owners thread for Epson 5020/6020 for help.
Can you post a link to that forum thread? I can't find it. Thanks.
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I think this is it.

There are a few tips here and there in the thread. But man they are hard to find. I have had the projector for a day. I played some games and watched some Blu Ray. So far so good. As I mentioned the 'Normal" lamp mode is so friggin loud that I cannot imagine ANYONE ever using it. Unless I am missing something...
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I too am interested in some basic settings (contrast, brightness...). I just got my 6020 and love it, excellent convergence, colors... love it. But would like to get an idea how to adjust the picture just enough.

The 5020/6020 threads I've seen are mostly complaining about convergence, but no real settings suggestions.
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To start I would use a calibration disk to get a good picture for your setup.

I have not calibrated mine, but I was using the THX mode for a while. I have since switched to using the Natural mode. It offers more pop and brightness which increases the perceived contrast even more. However, the contrast in THX was already amazing, I just wanted to see more pop. My current settings I have it running eco mode, super resolution at 2, no CFI, 7000k color temp, fine processing, performed LCD alignment, iris on fast mode, and everything else at 0.

I just finished watching Total Recall and the contrast was incredible. Very smooth 24p playback motion. The 24p felt a lot better than when I had the 8350.

Everything just pops!!

I too would like to know what everyone is using.

I agree with the above - most of the info is scattered all over with more talk about what's bad about the projector instead of what settings everyone is running.

Might be because the image doesn't need much adjusting at all. It already looks great to start off with.

I also don't like the fan noise with the lamp running in normal. The projector suddenly becomes noisy.

My screen is the Projecta 106" white screen from Best Buy, and there's plenty of brightness in eco mode at 106" with my white screen.

One thing I'd like to get and try is the LPE filter to get even more brightness out of this projector. Pair that with a slight grey screen and you would probably have a killer image for daytime ambient light.
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So from information there I have modified Living Room mode (from 7500K to 6500K and ECO mode - very simple). I don't know how good this change is, or if it's anywhere near reference, but to me it looks great.


From here I have used settings for 3d but I'm not too happy with brightness. Had time to watch only one movie (AVATAR, there was no ghosting or crosstalk) so it's hard to say anything special and I have never seen it with default settings. So will probably change back to default to see the difference.
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I'm using THX as well, but having spent just one night with it, I have not had the time to cycle through the other modes. After reading the links above I will switch to ECO mode in case it's not already pre-selected. I do not want to fiddle too much with it, just very basic tweaks - image as it is is AWESOME. I have DVE but I hate the navigation on this DVD, why make it so needlessly complicate it? I'm also thankful I got near perfect convergence unit, I wanted to take pictures last night but was getting blurry images - in any case I have not one single complaint about this pj so far. Way above my expectations.
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I picked up the Disney World of Wonder calibration disk. It is actually pretty good. Useful for setting some things on the projector (and receiver). They didn't have the disk on Netflix so I had to buy it! But i figure I can tweak my TV's also with it.

I have not tried 3d yet. I do not own any 3d blu rays (and am not that interested really).

They picture is amazing. My friend says it looks like a TV and not a projector. He's right. And I can have a little light on in the room which is also great.

The motorized lens cover is a little loud and surprising.

I was able to use my old ceiling mount, and I do not care too much for 3d. So in reality, I should have bought the 5020 instead. But otherwise, so far so good!
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While I am getting what appears to me as excellent color accuracy from the THX setting on normal lamp mode, when I try eco lamp mode I see what seems to me a very slight but noticeable shift to green along with the expected drop in lumens. Does anyone else see this? If so, should one try a separate calibration for eco mode to better balance the color accuracy? I would like to run eco to avoid the noisy fan but the more accurate and natural colors in normal lamp mode are worth the slight noise distraction for now.
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I am agree that the normal lamp is very loud, very irritating.

With the Disney WOW my set up is as follow

Mode Brightness Contrast Color Tint
Dyn 1 8 -17 -16
Liv 3 6 -15 -5
Nat 2 7 1 -2
THX 3 6 5 0
Cine 3 6 -16 -21

Changing lamp mode does not affect the set up. Everything else I leave as default since I don't know.
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Correction on THX mode, Brightness 2, Contrast 16. Screen 142 ' (16 x 9) Carada Brilliant White from 17 feet.
Does anyone have a different set up?
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I haven't noticed any noise in normal mode on my 6020. My ceiling in my theater room is 10 feet 8 inches so that may be why. Color is amazing right out of box and I have no complaints. I am not going to over analyze it, I am going to enjoy it. 6020 looks like my led tv but on a 103 inch screen. Amazing! Projectors have come a long way.
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