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Hi guys,

I have a lumagen radiance mini 3D processor and chromapure and just got the 125 point autocal update. I have been playing with the lumagen and my Display 3 Pro a few nights before and have a couple of questions regarding the calibration.

The lumagen manual recommends setting the white point as accurately as possible with the display controls before the autocalibration. I tried that with my Sony VW85 projector. With a manually optimized (as best as I could) grey scale the 100 IRE point is good on red and green but a bit low on blue (95%). I can get that point almost 100% spot on, but I will have to use a lot of adjustments to get there and it completely throws off the rest of the grey scale (blue +120% in the mid parts) as well as affect the color gamut points. Is this still recommended or should I stick with the original grey scale?

I also played with manual calibration using the Lumagen. When setting the color management it was stated I should measure the "Y" values and put them in a calculator that should be available here, however I can't find anything about a calculator in that link or anywhere else?

I'm using a Da-Lite High Contrast High Power screen. Would you recommend taking the readings off of the screen or from the lens? How close should the colorimeter (Display 3 Pro) be located to either? I gather I would need to have the colorimeter placed in the line of sight from my main seat to get the same angle of attack as the viewing angle affects the image (hence my question since a close placement would necessitate a quite steep upward angle of the meter not to measure its own shadow). If I instead use the lens I would not want to saturate the reader or have it so far I can't measure black properly. Do you know the limits/optimal range of the reader in fL? I tried it at about 2 feet where it measured about 300 fL.

Anything else to think about before applying the lumagen? I'm concerned I will introduce banding or loose detail if the projector calibration is too far off beforehand...