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Mirage FRX S8 or Energy ES10

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Hi everyone, this is my first post in this site and I hope I ll get some help. I am actually just beginning in ``decent quality`` home theater sound system. So, I just got a Yamaha rx v373 for $150 (+ $40 shipping) and I am waiting for it to arrive. Currently, I own an old Panasonic SA-PT950 5.1 all inclusive system. The thing is it doesn't have any HDMI or optical audio input so I thought of buying a good quality/price receiver and plug it to the speakers I have from the Panasonic. So first question, do you think this is a good idea or am I just gonna waste the money I used on the Yamaha with old cheap speakers that wont do it justice?

In that case, considering my very limited budget, I looked for some good compromise and I stumbled into a good offer on for Energy Take Classic for $150 but without the sub. So I looked around for a good offer for a used sub to add to this set in case I do buy it. Now comes the main question : which one of these should I buy? First I thought that getting the Energy ES 10 would be a good idea since it's the same brand, which I recently learned it's the appropriate thing to do, but I found some bad reviews about this sub and its durability. The durability is a very important factor, especially in buying used gear. The second one Mirage FRX S8 is offered for a better price and seem to have excellent reviews, but I am worried about the brand matching issue. So what do you suggest?

PS : please don't forget to answer the first question about the Panasonic I already have, and if you have any other suggestions concerning the speakers or the sub don't hesitate. Sorry for the long post but I had to put as much details as I could to get accurate answers. Thanx in advance.

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You can never put in too much detail. Yes you would be wasting the money spent on the 373 using the Panasonic speakers. The Energy speakers are a good choice and will sound much better. When buying a sub it is not as important to match brands as it is when you buy the other 5.
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Originally Posted by Bond 007 View Post

You can never put in too much detail. Yes you would be wasting the money spent on the 373 using the Panasonic speakers. The Energy speakers are a good choice and will sound much better. When buying a sub it is not as important to match brands as it is when you buy the other 5.

Thank you for answering. Does that mean I should get the Mirage? What do u think about those two?
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the Mirage FRX-S8 actually IS the same thing as an Energy sub, it's the twin of the Energy e:XL-S8. So even if you were worried about "brand matching" (which you shouldn't be, because it's not necessary for a subwoofer) it's not a concern here. Mirage and Energy were "sister companies" as part of the same Canadian group (API).

the Energy ES-10 is essentially the 10" version of the same subwoofer -- bigger box, bigger magnet, bigger woofer. It has double the cabinet volume and weighs almost twice as much. It will play louder and deeper, basically. So if it meets your budget, go with it.

what is that budget BTW? There may be a newer option that fits your price range. This Dayton Sub-1200 is only $135 shipped and gets great reviews: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=300-629
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Batpig is correct in his assessment. Between the two I would get the 10"er.
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Update : I live in Canada and I am not sure I can get the good deal I found for the Energy which is a big disappointment for me. There's no way I can buy them in the original price unless I find some other good offer. So the question is : do you have any suggestion for around $200 set of 5.1 speakers with a minimum of good quality? The ideal thing for me would be to target something in the range of $300-$400 and look for some kind of good deal for them. Also, if you have sources or links for places with good bargains that do ship to Canada, it would be appreciated. Thanks again.
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High-value subwoofer options are a little skinny up here. IMO, keep an eye on canuckaudiomart.com for a gently-used sub from a reputable seller, or save up for something like an SVS SB-1000 or PB-1000 from SVS' Canadian distributor, SonicBoomAudio.com.
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Ok the update was not about the Energy sub cuz it's from another deal. I can't get the Energy Classic 5.0 speakers anymore. Basically, I am back to zero, and the question is what speakers should I get? I have two affordable options with what I think is at least a decent quality

First option is to combine Eergy ES10 with one of these two :

- Polk Audio RM7
- Yamaha NSAP7800

Second option would be to get Jamo A 102 HCS 5.1 Surround Speaker Package 600 Watts with Powered Subwoofer

I know that these are pretty small but performant speakers. I use my system in my basement and the room is roughly 30-40 feet long by 10-15 feet wide. Which option do you think would be the best?
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Hi everybody, I just finished the process of searching, deciding and ordering different parts of my new home theater project. Here are the results :

Receiver : Yamaha rx-v373 (bidding on ebay for $150 + $40 shipping)
Speakers : Energy Take Classic 5.0 (from Amazon for $150 +$10 shipping) I didn't receive them yet though so at the moment I am using my old Panasonic SA-PT950 speakers.
Subwoofer : Klipsch KW-100 (for $80 refurbished from a local shop)

1) I'd like to know your thoughts about this combination. I know the Energy are a little small for my basement room (23' x 17') but I am only using 2/3 of the space (in the center of the room) for the home theater. Plus, I am very new to the '' good sound'' field, so I am not expecting a mind blowing experience.

2) In my great disappointment, the YPAO mic was not included in the slightly damaged but new receiver. I am currently in contact with the seller and I issued a complaint hoping to fix the situation. Meanwhile, I used my old Panasonic mic to do the calibration. Do you think the calibration would be complete with another mic then the Yamaha? If not where do you think I could get one at a good price? I read somewhere that even if it's a YPAO mic, it has to be from the same model, thus from the rx-v373. Is that true too?

It took me really a long while to make all the steps and the research so it would be a shame if the result at the end is not the best it can be with these components. Thanks in advance.
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I think you will be very impressed with this as a "budget" setup. It's a little undersized for the room but coming from nothing it will be a big jump! As you get mor experience and save up some more cash, you can keep your eye on the used market for another sub and/or some better speakers for the front.

Unfortunately you DO need a proper mic to do the full calibration because those little mics are not "flat" in response, the receiver has a unique calibration profile so it knows what the mic's response is. The other mic will probably do fine in terms of setting the basic level and distance settings, so you can at lest calibrate "the basics", but I would not trust the more complex stuff like EQ calculations and crossovers. So I would turn off the EQ for not and just tweak manually, and then manually set the crossover to 120hz or so.

In the meantime I would try to negotiate with the seller to get a partial refund equal to the cost needed to buy the correct mic.
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