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started a thread to discuss the Hipporemote software for HTPC and an IPHONE-IPAD-ITOUCH in another area of the board. basically trying to find other users of this software.

Let me know if you use this to control your HTPC. As have questions about profiles.
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It's my favorite app. I regularly use about a half dozen profiles and have customized a couple. Fire away.
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Mdavej - thanks. Found Hipporemote to be very interesting and useful. questions below:

1) I have the following profiles running on my HTPC: Windows Media Center, XBMC, NETFLIX, PANDORA. Has anyone created a profile for AMAZON VIDEO (for people who have videos there, or for PRIME account holders)? I checked with the people at Hipporemote, and they suggested I create my own. They had no profiles for it.

2) have you linking in your DROPBOX to the Hipporemote pro software to allow transfers of profiles? Does that work okay? Have never done that.

3) Is it difficult to create profiles? If I go down this path to create one for AMAZON VIDEO just want to make sure it will function well. Should I edit one, like the one for Netflix, instead of creating one from scratch?

4) If you are using the PANDORA profile, have you set up anything to create a better web page connection for PANDORA? The web app is so plain, and would think there is a jazy way to get PANDORA to be more pretty, with some reactive screen saver, or something. Most likely this is a pandora question, more than a hipporemote question.

5) Do you know of any MUST HAVE profiles to suggest? I could not find anything for connecting and listening to online radio station audio streams, or to listen to PODCAST catchers.
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Unfortunately I'm not going to be much help in your case. I only use my HTPC for things I can't do on my blu-ray player, like Cable TV in WMC, web browsing, BBC iPlayer, and miscellaneous video formats WMC can't easily handle (I didn't have much luck with Shark's codecs). So Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, etc. aren't on my PC. Besides, the Netflix PQ isn't very good on a PC compared to my player (720p vs. 1080p).

Anyway, I run the following profiles at the moment: Win 7, WMC, Chrome, Daum, iTunes, and Spotify. I tried Youtube leanback but it was horrible (the profile was fine, but the leanback site is awful). Same goes for Hulu Desktop, it's pretty worthless. And the fact that WMC only launches Hulu and that it won't work with extenders makes it even more worthless.

I added some extra buttons and macros to WMC, Win 7 and Daum. It was pretty easy using the editor in the app. The hard part is the research and testing for finding the right keyboard shortcuts. I think it would be easier to start with an existing profile. The Hippo site has really great documentation on creating profiles, so it looks very straightforward to me. While I haven't needed to use Dropbox syncing, it sounds pretty easy too.

I typically use the Pandora app on my blu-ray player, but on the PC I don't think there's anything you can do to change the web app.

One thing I did do that may be unusual is install the VNC app on my iPad and iPhone since it can share the same VNC server that Hippo uses. So not only do have keyboard, touchpad and profiles from Hippo, but full remote desktop capability when I need it.

Otherwise it looks like you're the trailblazer here. Please post back with your progress. And thanks for starting this thread.
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yes, thanks for starting this thread... smile.gif i use hippo too, but very little of it... and would like to learn more... smile.gif
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