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CRT Still The KING of Projectors

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Just a quick note to CRT users.

I had a customer in Holland who had a tired worn out 808s who purchased some of my New P16LXV tubes 8 inch tubes with the high rez P19lug gun we had made up special.

I gave him some new hardware to strip out the old Sony Tubes.

A new product for this year.

He completed the new mods, upgraded the required the neck cards to accept the extra grid, purchase the internal HDMI card.

Side by Side with SONY 4k projector ( $26,000 projector)

Result Barco won !


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I'm speechless smile.gif
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I hang mostly on curt's forum... I have the Barco cine 8... Just wondering what the best digital replacement would be? The Sony sxrd 95?

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A Runco 1200 or a Sony G90 both feature digital controls.
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No photos? Any more info?
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Oh yeah. I totally still believe that CRT is king even though I have never owned one. I currently have a jvc rs40 and whilst it is good, I still remember the image of russ brooks nec CRT projector. The depth, color and creamy smoothness of the image were to die for. Digital projector have gotten better but they are not there yet. Resolution is way overrated in my opinion compared to other aspects of the picture. Give me 720p any day with CRT blacks.

The ownership experience of a CRT just intimidated me too much.
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