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Help with some Theatre specs

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Ok here is what my setup will be:

96" diagonal screen.
main seating 10.8 feet away from screen.

I'm torn between the Epson 8700UB and the Epson 5010. It will mainly be used for HD blu ray movies and Netflix streaming as it will be be in my dedicated theater room with controlled lighting. The one thing that worries me about 8700 is the lower lumens. But with controlled lighting will it matter?

Is there a difference picture wise as far as contrast ratio and blacks between these two?

Also, What type of screen would be recommended for best quality picture: white or grey? how much gain?

Thank you.
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I presently have a sanyo PLVz 3000 which is rated at 1200 lumens and 65000:1 contrast ratio. I have had it brand new since Jan 2009 running the same bulb which has 1800hrs. So far there is no noted decrease in quality. Our room is a dedicated theater room. As far as the screen goes, we built one ourselves back in 2007 when using a matinee hd projector. We used popular wood for frame and braces and strectch black out cloth over frame. Then use 3" black felt tape for border. Cost of materials was $95.00. I have been to many a home using stuart firehawk screens that cost thousands and just do not see the difference other than I have a little mor money in my pocket. I run a 7.2 system. At the heart is my new Denon 3313 that replaced my Denon 889. The 889 is now used in our pool room. I hope this helps in your decision.
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I would ask in the respective sub-forums but I would think on a 96" screen either will be more than fine as far as lighting the screen is concerned. Also at that size I would guess a ~1.0 will be fine.
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