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Should i turn on the pixel jogger?

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the pixel jogger setting has been disabled for some reason on my new Samsung 530, 60" plasma im not sure why. i was able to toggle it on/off at first, then i played with some of the contrast settings and such, and now i cannot toggle it any more. it is set to off!.
( i have posted some longer messages on my experience and several more questions in the official thread for this TV, but no replies.)
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You're confusing Pixel Jogger with your tv Pixel Shift !
From your user manual:
■Screen Burn Protection : To reduce the possibility of screen burn, this unit is equipped with Pixel Shift screen burn prevention technology. Pixel Shift moves the picture slightly on the screen. The Time function setting allows you to program the time between movement of the picture in minutes.
xxPixel Shift (Off / On) : Using this function, you can set the TV to move pixels minutely on the PDP screen in a horizontal or vertical direction to minimize after images on the screen.
Available Pixel Shift Settings and Optimum Settings
Available Settings
Optimum Settings
0~4 (pixels)
0~4 (pixels)
Time (minute)
1~4 min
4 min
✎✎The Pixel Shift value may differ depending on the monitor size (inches) and mode.
✎✎This function is not available in the Screen Fit mode.
Your TV also has the following additional screen burn protection functions:
xxScrolling: This function removes after-images on the screen by illuminating all the pixels on the PDP according to a pattern. Use this function when there are after images or symbols on the screen, especially when you displayed a still image on the screen for a long time.
✎✎The after-image removal function has to run a long time (approximately 1 hour) to remove after-images on the screen effectively. If the after-image is not removed after you run the function, run the function again.
✎✎Press any key on the remote control to cancel this feature.
xxSide Grey (Dark/Light): Lets you select the color of the sidebars your TV displays when you set the screen size to 4:3.
So change the Picture Options> Size > 16:9 or others, except Screen Fit to turn Pixel Shift on.
Pixel Shift is trying to prevent IR/burnin of static logo's/contents by moving whole screen few pixels intermittently.

Use Pixel Jogger mp4 for proper break-in/aging/testproof electronic failure for new tv/IR washing/PQ improvement/maintainance etc., search the Pixel Jogger thread.
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ok thanks, why would it disable? the screen fit mode is the only one that looks correct imo. i have not seen any burn in issues yet. But, i only turn on the TV for about 3 hours in the evenings , and thats it. So i assume my break in will take much longer.
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