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I've got a Philips 30PW9110 that started going black after turning on. Blinked codes 11,33,34. 11 is black current loop instability, 33 & 34 are I2C communication errors to the two chips on the deflection controller. I did some testing according to the schematic that I have and found that the set would not blank if I had the meter on pin 8, VOC, of the R amp. So, I replaced that, still no good. Then, I turn the screen pot up and the set displays info, no blanking, but then goes into standby.

If I enter SAM and turn off AKB, no problems. But, it doesn't stick. Is there any way to permanently disable AKB? Or, does anyone know what the root problem is?

P.S. Considering the communication errors and the brown sticker on one of the chips, I swapped the deflection controller with a used one from ebay. It didn't help so I sent it back. The communication errors are gone and I am using the original board.