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Canon vixia hf m500 troubleshooting

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Hi folks. New here, so be gentle!

Just got a Canon Vixia hf m500. Will be using it to video my son marching in the University of Wisconsin marching band for the rose parade/rose bowl Jan 1. On Wisconsin! I also got this particular camera for its high marks in low light, as I will soon be a grandfather and want to be able to chase all future grandkids indoors doing what grandkids do.

Problem I have is that I get a field of red dots in the shadows of shots taken indoors under incandescent lighting in Auto mode and recording in both MP4 and AVCHD formats. Is this normal, or is there something I can do to eliminate it. I notice it during playback on both my computer as well as when connected to either of my HDTV's with the supplied cable. Seems to be more pronounced on the TV's

Thanks for the help.
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Maybe you could upload a small clip with the red dots to YouTube and link it in this thread so we can check it out? ..or maybe pause at the spot and do a screen capture and post the pic in this thread.
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Here is a shot of the red dots. You can see them superimposed over the TV screen.
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Is that from the video file or are you feeding it via a cable to your TV or computer? If it's just via a cable - it might have something to do with the cable or connection...is it happening played back from just the file/without cables involved?

The manual does make mention of possible "black, red, blue or green dots" as "pixel misfires" on the camcorder LCD screen which is considered normal - but that would typically be like one dot that wouldn't effect the actual image. (page 26)

If that screen capture is from the actual output file/the mts file on your computer - I would say it's a defect and exchange for a new camcorder.
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That is definitely some sort of defect. Whether HDMI cable or camera, I say exchange it.
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