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I apologize if this is in the wrong section, I did look at this seemed to be most appropriate.

I just purchased a new sharp aquos 60LE745U (60", 3d, 120hz, Wifi tv). I had it for about a week or so without having cable (Verizon FIOS) and I had DVD players hooked up, ROKU, WD Live and using the native Wifi applications (netflix, etc.). The sound was terrific. The volume goes up to level 60 and for it to be comfortable it would be at about a 15. Verizon came, and when using the cable box I have to crank the volume up to like 40 for it to be comfortable.

I know what I'm doing with the cable box, I have it configured for volume correctly. I have a different TV in a different room and the volume from the box works perfectly. I even tried just moving the box to the other room (from the good room) and it still makes me need to crank the volume up. I have tried switching HDMI cables, same deal, no difference.

The only difference I can think of at this point is the coax cable. Can it have possibly a weak signal and therefore lowering the audio? The picture is perfect. I have also tried switching HDMI inputs on my TV and used ones that I know have previously worked great.

Verizon FIOS Multi-Room DVR Model # QIP7232 2