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wd73742 audio

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Hello, just received my new 73", love the picture but...I have noticed the audio is out of sync with the video. Seems to be worse with the level sound on so I turned it off. There is still some delay. Do you believe that this is a fault of the tv(bad) or just a genral design of the tv itself? I use all HDMI and this seems to effect all inputs. I have not tried game mode for fear that I do not have all of the necessary video adjustments I like on normal v ideo. Any help or input would be gre:)atly appreciated. Thanks.
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Is this using the internal audio (speakers) or a external sound system (receiver)?
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Tv speakers, does not seem to be effected on other inputs. It could be satellite and i am not used to seeing it so big...?
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I didn't ask and you didn't state what your source was.

First off, how is the audio with the internal tuner? You have tried the OTA tuner haven't you?
Second, how is the audio with a outboard audio system? Of course, you do have a audio system, don't you?
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Main source is satellite. I do have an ant but it is fed through the satellite ota input. I have noticed that it seems the worst on ota input although it feeds throught the satellite. I have a dish 922 receiver. I did use a Bose stereo system while playing mvies and such through a media streamer(sound seems to match) although it did not seem to at first. It is like the problem comes and goes. I hadc a wd65637 in the same place and did not notice the problem. I have not tried new hdmi but I find that possibility remote that the cable is the problem.
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videobruce, you think the tv is defective or should I change out my sat receiver? Thanks,
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1. Try the internal tuner directly from your antenna through the internal speakers, then your sound system,
2. If ok, how about another device on another input? DVD player? To internal audio, then your sound system. You stated this was ok?
3. Have you run the audio directly into your sound system from your STB?
4. Narrow it down to one item.
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Yes, only the satellite. Now I wonder, should I replace sat rec or will the problem always be there? Thanks for your help.
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