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Originally Posted by thestewman View Post

I can't argue with you. I was astounded by the comment but it came form a Sony Customer Service Supervisor who should know what they were talking about.
She stated " I am sorry, Sony has no control over the issue of the 10 free films. Sony made a deal with Netflix and it expires after 12 months".

Along the same line. http://mashable.com/2014/01/06/sony-4k-smart-televisions/

So anyone else lose their ten Free films ?

Are the films in question Netflix "exclusives"? That may explain why, even if Sony owns the titles through its various studios, Netflix is able to dictate how long users are able to "keep" the movies. But even if this is true, I personally view this entire arrangement as a disservice to Sony 84X900 owners. I mean, this is your flagship model and you are supposedly staking your company's future in consumer displays on the success of 4K, and you pull a stunt like this? What were they thinking? For anyone who has purchased these sets, the least they could do is provide content free of charge for 12 to 24 months after the date of purchase. Such a move would definitely help to build brand loyalty, and help to minimize any negative feedback from owners who might be unhappy with some aspect of the technical performance of the sets.
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Customer service reps often know less than we do and they will just make up some BS to get you off the phone. This has nothing to do with Netflix.

I'm not familiar with the server that was given to XBR84X900 owners but I assume it uses the Sony Entertainment Network login like the X1. If so you can check what is on your account by signing in to http://www.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com

The 10 free movie offer expired on Dec 31 but if you activated them before then they should be in your account. This is the first I've heard they expire after 12 months. Has that happened to anyone else with the original server? Most of the people I've seen have the X1 which has only been out for 9 months.
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