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Domino 20 Lamp

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Hey guys, we have a Domino 20 here, and just wondering what exactly is the expected lamp life. The menu says its currently at around 2075, although it seems pretty dim and I know it's only 800 lumens but I feel that it should be brighter. I see that it's supposed to be around 4-5k hours, but at half that it seems pretty unwatchable unless the room is completely 100% dark. Brightness is even up to about 60-62, depending on the source, and that seems high for a good lamp. Now, on to part 2...I've seen lamps listed online for anywhere from $150-200, and that seemed about right. However, just had a dealer quote me $839 for the lamp in the housing and that's not including installation. How hard is it to open it up and just replace the lamp itself? I've torn the back off a Qualia 006 and replaced the lamp in my 60XBR1 myself no problem, so I'm guessing that it can't be too hard to order a legit lamp online and replace it myself.
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Nobody? I know it's getting to be an old projector by now. Not sure how many would own one here.
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Original OEM lamps do cost more, but I've heard bad things about buying just the bare bulb. I have never gotten even close to the kind of hours you have for the same reason you mention - I don't like a dim picture.
BTW, SIM Domino 20 projectors are listed as using Osram or Philips lamps. Might depend on the serial number. Just another complication when it comes to buying bare aftermarket lamps.
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