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Keyboard for BDE-6500??????? Please help  

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Samsung BDE6500 Blu Ray player purchased.
They advertise it as "Internet Capable" and it does, in fact access the internet with the remote, however I can not get my new Logitech wireless keyboard to work with it. I am running this player with a new Panny Plasma smart tv. I access the Samsung smart hub thru the DVD player via the remote and view via the tv, but putting any search queries into web page search boxes is painfully slow and frustrating using the remote.............

Samsung website states "The vg-kbd1000 Samsung keyboard is not compatabile with your Blu-ray player as it uses Bluetooth technology and there is no receiver built into the Blu ray player. You can try using a USB or wireless keyboard with the USB dongle though."( I thought that's what I was doing with this Logitech keyboard? )

Samsung tells me "there is no keyboard for this player"
Can that be possible??

If so, what do I need to do (including changing out this player ) to be able to sit in my recliner and see the web, search the web via keyboard on my new smart tv.??

PS I like the smart functions of the 6500, seems to have more than the panny.

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The logitech K400 works with Samsung TV's. I have not tried it with BD Players but I have tried other Logitech keyboards with Samsung TV's and they did NOT work.

Get the K400 @ best Buy and if it doesn't work , return it.
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There is a dedicated thread for the E6500. Mods ask that all posts and requests go there. Good luck.


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SupaDave: Your original post on this topic was moved to the owner's thread that teachsac linked above
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