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I have a dedicated home theater that we built out several years ago. I love the sound and have enjoyed watching movies in it all these years. Our projector is a (now aging) Vidikron Vison 50 and a 103" screen. Bulb life is obviously a big issue with these and as such, playing games on it is something we've left for rare occasions. This is something I'd like to change.

Recently I saw a Mitsubishi 92" rear projection TV set on display and was really blown away at how fantastic the picture looked, and then I was completely rocked when I saw how relatively inexpensive the set was. I checked online and it appears replacement bulbs are running under $100 per, which is just fantastic in comparison to my current setup. I've not looked at rear-projection sets in years until now, and so I wanted to get the opinion of those here, who have much more experience with this than I.

If my end-goal is to take our dedicated room and make it so that both video games and movies can be enjoyed in it, is moving away from the Vidikron and onto the Mitsubishi as good an option as it appears? Any pro/con conversation is welcome.