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Sony Trinitron Wega KD-36fs130 need help, please

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While helping my Mom flip a house recently, I was paid and told I could keep anything left from the previous tenants... I needed a tv to replace the one recently broke in my kids play room... I was going to use the Sony Trinitron Wega KD-36fs13 that was found left in the house for my kids play room, their tv recently broke...

I checked to make sure it worked, it did... We loaded it into my sisters truck and I asked her to hold onto it because I wasnt going to my house that night... 2 days later when I went to retrieve it, it was still sitting in the driveway where I left it... Her similar sized tv and fridge and all the stuff she took were put away safe in the house... My one thing I took was left out in the florida humidity, the dew was quite heavy both those mornings, too!!!!

I got the set home, power and all the connections are fine... The only problem is the screen is off color in all four corners... Its that coloring you get from a magnet... There is a chance the screen was like that and I didnt notice it when I checked to see if it worked, but I really think I would have noticed the colors on the no signal screen...

- If it was already there, can this be fixed? How? Links please...

- Would the moisture have somehow caused the internal magnets to no longer be shielded??

- Would the moisture itself cause this discoloring, going away after it dries??

- I will rarely use the internal speakers over my surround sound anyway, is it easy to go in and just remove the speakers??

Any help would be appreciated...
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CRTs tend to get that when moved, especially if you now have it oriented in a different compass setting than it was previously (earth magnetic field orientation). I'm not familiar with that particular model but they typically 'degauss' themselves after several power-on cycles (the boing you hear when you turn one on). Now don't turn it on and off a bunch trying to clear it up as it can overheat the degauss circuit, let it cool between cycles like 10 minutes. Some sets also have a manual degauss in the menu if you don't hear the boing when you turn it on (but chances are if it doesn't work on power-up then it won't work in the menu either).
As an experiment, see if the discoloring changes when you rotate the TV 90 degrees from side to side.

Many TVs have a internal speaker switch in the menu. Then there's always the TV's mute. Or just don't hook up the audio to the TV if you have a surround receiver.
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I thanked you for your response...

I put it in the room that needed and left it alone for a day. Once I fired it up, the discoloration was gone... Not sure the cause, but don't care, this behemoth of a TV has a very nice picture quality that I know will last forever... Don't need to worry about the kids breaking it like I would the sensitive flat screens...

Thanks for the possible fixes, even though I didn't need them, I will keep in mind for future reference... And sorry for the very late response, forgot I even posted this thread here until I was lurking/ researching threads today...
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