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No Power to JVC RS1

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I was watching my JVC RS1 projector this evening and the power went out. When it came on 3-5 minutes later there is no power to the unit. I checked the plug and power is not a problem. There are no lights on the unit at all and I suspect there might have been a surge. There is no surge protector on this as it is plugged into my ceiling. Power has gone out 30-40 times over the years I have owned this and no issue before.

Is there any reset on the unit or something else I can do to test it? Thanks for your assistance.


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I know this is an old thread, but it is new to me. Anyone know if there is a fuse or if the power supplies are still available?

Thanks to Shawn Fogg who posted a link to order parts. smile.gif If it needs it, it looks like I can get a power supply.

Now if I just had a service manual, I would be in business.

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I don't need one at the moment.. but would you happen to have that link.. I don't seem to see it so I presume It was in another thread...

I like to have things bookmarked just in case smile.gif
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