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Marantz AV7005 music playback - no subwoofer output

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Hello all,

Maybe I am just stupid, but I mostly use my system for movies, and I am running the AV7005 with the MM7055 and 7025 through Krix speakers (neuphonix, epicentrix, dynamix) and the Krix Volcanix subwoofer.
Now this subwoofer is amazing, while watching a movie with good LFE like say Transformers 3 - it will have no problem rattling the roof tiles and shaking the floorboards (not the best acoustically but it's a rental, new house almost finished building)
My problem comes when I listen to music, generally via a media server from my PC or iPhone. The quality of the sound is great, I.e no distortion, clear vocals, high intensity etc... But lacking in bass. The main speakers kick out a bit of bass, however compared to the LFE track in movies, there seems to be not much down low.
I blame some of this on my room, but mostly I put it down to the subwoofer not appearing to be doing anything... When you look/feel the woofer cone, it's not moving... This is regardless of the bass setting, the EQ settings, multichannel or 2ch or whether I set the bass operation to main+LFE or just LFE.

Personally it doesn't worry me too much as generally modern music is over saturated with in-natural bass which distracts from the poor quality of the equipment most people use to play everything, but sometimes the neighbors have their grand kids come over to visit and they ride their bikes up and down the street yelling and ringing their damn bells all day long, and ideally I want to just crank up some angry, expletive filled music to annoy them, and hopefully have them run inside and ask their parents what the 'F' word means.

I know this makes me sound a little mean, but I just hate my neighbors... Is that a crime?

If it's relevant, when I play 192/24 FLAC files via the UD5007 BluRay player there seems to be bass there, but not many modern albums come as 192/24.. The Dark Knight Rises SACD being the exception (and boy do I like that) but it's not really angry enough for my requirements... Also... Even when I change the volume on the subwoofer to 0 from -20 (min is -40db) it makes no difference.

Any ideas on why my subwoofer won't pull it's weight when playing music that's not on a movie soundtrack?
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After running Audyssey, did you reset all speakers to SMALL with a minimum crossover of 80Hz as suggested in the Audyssey 101/FAQ linked in my sig?
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Hmmm. Interesting that this seems to have solved the problem... Who would have thought having speakers that Audessy recognize as 'large' and 'full-band' would be a bad thing... Haha.
I didn't even consider that this may be an Audessy issue, it's not something that the 5 million page user manual for the 7005 really discusses.

Changing those settings and adjusting the AV7005 channel levels in net/USB setting to adjust the sub level has opened up a new dimension in neighborly relations for me.

Thanks heaps!

I better be careful - here in South Aus, if the police get called too many times re noise complaints, they can confiscate and sell the offending item. Nice 'freedoms' we have here in our first world dictatorship.
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Actually Audyssey doesn't recognize them as LARGE, rather it simply passes the -3db point to the AV7005 and the AV7005 sets them to LARGE (as do most other brand mfrs). If Audyssey had it's way, all speakers with -3db points below 80Hz would get set to SMALL/80Hz (regardless of their physical size) as generally the sub is far more capable then the FL/FR speakers of playing the lower bass frequencies, but the AVR mfr's see it otherwise and therefore set the speakers to LARGE.
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