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Carada Criterion Help!!

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I just received a Carada 114" Criterion model with BW screen material. I was hoping to have it all set up for Christmas, but after opening the box it only came with one 36" and two 10" mounting brackets. The instructions say a screen this size comes with two 48" brackets. I am wondering if anyone has set up a Carada screen recently and could tell me what theirs came with. I think the instructions may be out of date because the mounting brackets are listed as 8" or 48" or something, but no mention of 10". Thank you all for the help and I have emailed Carada, but thought I'd ask you all also.
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my precision 115" frame (with BW) came with two aluminum mounts; one for the top and one for the bottom. I used both of the 3 footish rails for the top.....I don't have kids wink.gif My only gripe is that I didn't get the Criterion eek.gif
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Sorry to bring this back, but wanted to see why you wished you had gone with the criterion frame. I am thinking of going witha Precision 150". The main driver...I want to maximize screen size in the space that I have for the screen. What is the downside of going with the precision frame ?
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