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Halo 4 vs Black Ops 2

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My wife got me Halo 4 for Christmas. I started playing XBOX on halo but switched to MW long ago and love them. I didn't really like Black Ops 1 but am also unsure if I'll like Halo 4. So, before I open this new game I would like an unbiased opinion on Halo 4 vs Black Ops 2. Or heck, make it biased and tell me why you like one over the other.

Also I tried Battlefield 3 and HATED it, simply not my style. I'll sell it to someone if they want it smile.gif
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it would help to say why you liked the games you like and disliked the games you disliked.

I think all the games you mentioned are great so it'd be easier to help you if you made it easier.
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Originally Posted by onlysublime View Post

it would help to say why you liked the games you like and disliked the games you disliked.
I think all the games you mentioned are great so it'd be easier to help you if you made it easier.

LOL got it!

I'll start with what I like about the early Halo games...

Original Halo - It was the sh*t ... lol, everything about the game was good until someone killed you across the map with the pistol. I think it was a great way for the first person shooter developers to REALLY break into the industry. Before this you have this game over here and this game over there ... and then there was Halo.

Halo 2 - I enjoyed it because it was online. But that was about it. I disliked the open map style on nearly every map enabling everyone and their brother to snipe their way to the top. Also the unrealistic weapons was a bit of a turn off.

MW 2 & MW3 - The realistic weapons and rules of the game I really liked. The types of games gives you the ability to not be bored with the same thing over and over again if you don't want to be. There is a level of difficulty that you must master in order to use a type of weapon efficiently both in the game and in your mind. I found with the unrealistic weapons in Halo gave you an unfair edge in some situations.

Black Ops 1 - The graphics in this one were a real turn off for me. I also felt that the movement of the character was very unrealistic. Otherwise its the same as MW 2 & 3 in my eyes.

Battlefield 3 - Too team oriented for me. For some this is great, but I like to sit down and play for an hour and then move on to something else. I don't like to plan what I'm going to do in the map, just like to play and this game simply can't be played in this manor. I'm sure I would love it if I enjoyed that type of gaming.

Honestly given how much I like the realistic game play of MW (I will say that I felt Battlefield 3 was more realistic than MW) I'm leaning towards Black Ops. But, that's exactly why I'm here.

Hope this helps.
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I will say that since I didn't really like Black Ops 2 and most of my friends aren't playing it I may just keep Halo 4 and go with that - might be good for a change of pace. I can always get black ops 2 later.
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BLOPS2 sucks. Dont waste your time.
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Seems to be a growing trend with people that have been COD die hards.
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not sure how you can say that... it's still the most played Xbox Live title, with the most gamers.
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Don't have halo4 yet. Christmas gift for the son.

I do know that a lot of issues are with the lag issues. The revenge spawn points that cause so much frustration.

Have moved back to hard core. I usually look for a person who is geographically located centrally in the parties I play in. It has really helped. Even my wife enjoys it more now!
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BLOPS2 is great. Don't listen to the 1% who complain on internet message boards. That's a horrible reference for deciding the opinion of COD die hards. Both games are great in my opinion and i try to bounce back and forth.
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Speaking strictly about the single player campaigns, I absolutely hated the tower defense style levels that were added to BLOPS2 where you must manage various teams as they defend key points on the map; they are absolutely jarring departures from the first person action and I found them so tedious and frustrating that I haven't touched the game in weeks. I also thought the storytelling was very poorly presented with cliched (even for a videogame) characters and endless flashbacks that made following the narrative more difficult than it had to be.

In contrast, Halo 4 is a more straightforward first person adventure with an interesting and coherent story; the few vehicle based departures are quite manageable and a fun change of pace rather than a 180 degree shift in gameplay.

So for me the clear winner was Halo 4. Again, this is strictly based on single player action; I rarely play online multiplayer so I can't speak to how either game fares in that department.
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I've really been enjoying the Halo 4 campaign but I liked Reach better. I haven't tried the Blops 2 campaign but don't care much for the multiplayer which is a first for me in a COD title. The Spartan Ops missions are pretty fun and they just added more. Halo MP is okay, again not as fun as Reach was but hopefully we will see forge maps and additional modes added in after the new year. I really miss Headhunter, it was my favorite MP mode in any game.
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not a fan of the Reach campaign at all. the graphics were a blurry mess. there were a lot of Spartans but no real development so unless you read the books, they were a bunch of nameless Spartans that you didn't care for. the story was just flat, until the final scenes of the game. I did like that they tried to make the game more cinematic versus previous Halos.

the multiplayer for Reach was really disappointing. not much to say on that..

but judgment on Reach is having had played Halo 4. it's really really hard to go back to Reach now. If I never played 4, I'd probably think Reach is pretty good to decent.
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I liked the larger variety of game modes in Reach and the forge maps. Create a class is a very welcomed addition in Halo 4. I'm still working through the Halo 4 campaign but having the jet packs and some of the other new additions in Reach as well as less time in vehicles compared to Halo 3 were a plus in my book but the big win was NO flood... I hate fighting them so to have them be a non-element in Reach was beyond awesome. I was luke warm to the story but really enjoyed the post credits cut scene that segments right into Combat Evolved.
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I ended up keeping Halo 4. I hadn't played Halo since MW2 came out so I figured it would be a nice change of pace. Also, considering that I wasn't really fond of BLOPS 1 I figured it was a safe bet. So far I'm enjoying Halo 4 though I haven't ventured into the multiplayer yet. I always have to finish the campaign first or it'll never get done!

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Couldn't agree more! HALO 4 is the way too go...!!
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For multiplayer I made the switch from COD to Halo for the first time this year. What I like most is that I no longer have countless hours to pour into MP to rank up and earn different weapons or perks. You don't have to deal with that in Halo - in very little time you have access to pretty much everything. This is part of the reason I loved COD2 so much - you didn't have to play for 30 or 40 hours just to earn a weapon you'd like to try. The tactics of Halo are indeed different but now that I'm used to them I really enjoy them. In team death match knowing how to properly use the vehicles is key.
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black ops 2 is the best halo 4 sucks
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Originally Posted by black2 View Post

black ops 2 is the best halo 4 sucks
This was so insightful right here.
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