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3D Home Projector Napali Pro Series 1080P NA-5LED

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Has anyone tried one of these??

They claim a 50000 Hour LAMP life and 3000 L..

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Be VERY careful here, solid information is sorely lacking. I find ads all over the place on EBAY & Craigslist. The high msrp is huge red flag. Noted features are laughable, such as "Advanced Manual Zoom". And it includes NTSC tuners? WOW! We went to ATSC tuners 3 years ago, NTSC is dead!!

I could go on but I've seen enough to convince me that it is another piece of Chinese JUNK, as in "White Van Scam".
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That was what I feared.

And why I asked here.

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i believe its all faked
it says :
LED tech
1080p tongue.gif
Contrast Ratio: 45000:1
6000 ANSI Lumens eek.gif

aah the price dont worry about it ... it just $300 biggrin.gif
what a dream Link
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Fake contact info on webpage.
No warranty.
Specs. different on every add.
Prices from $4499 to $499.
Sellers don't answer questions. rolleyes.gif
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In most of these ads, when they say 1080p it only means it can accept a 1080p signal. Many of them are 800x600 native resolution. That name and many others are the white van speaker equivalent. I see them come up in Edmonton Kijiji frequently and I hope people buying projectors would do some due diligence before buying one of those.
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me too,hope people buying projectors would do some due diligence before buying one of those. 1.gif
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so has any one used one of these . i am thinking about the 10led . i do not want to heer about white van crap . i will tell you i have seen infinity ,polk , onkyo and others sold out of the back of vans dose this mean polk is junk or infinity is junk or onkyo is junk . i spend a massive amount of time fixxing so called quality dlp and lcd rptv and projectors . i will go as far to say $150 for a dam light bulb is an rip off hard core . these new flat tv,s over heat and fry after 2 or 3 years those are an rip off hard core . i have a poineer elite $6500 tv that **** the bead after 3 1/2 years due to a piss pore power board design that was an rip off .. find it so funny that when you put an led in a projector that fits in your pocket its considered a awsome but when you put an led lamp in a full size projector it must be junk and i must be sold out of white vans only . you ppl do realize these scammers use other colored vans they do not always have an wite van right. so i ask has any one used one of these . how is the picture?dose anyone have pictures of one of these in action ? i would like to know as i am tired of replceing my tv every two to three f#$%ing years and i do not want buy $150 light bulb every year n half. you do realise it only cost them $5 or way less to make those dam light bulb right .. who is the real scammers ?
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Your spelling and grammar leave a lot to be desired. Having seen your other posts, I can only conclude that you were not in a good frame of mind (and that's being kind) when you wrote this post. And your cursing is completely unwarranted, most unwelcome and completely distracts from what you are trying to say.

You don't want to hear about "White Van Scam"? Fine, don't come here singing praises about equipment that could have been made by Fisher-Price.

And what is this about "different colored vans"? Come on, all you have to do is Google "White Van Scam. The vans do NOT have to be white, it is a label that has been earned for some time.

IF Polk and Infinity ARE being sold out of the backs of vans, they're not junk, they're STOLEN!!

I don't believe anyone said ALL LED-based projectors are junk.

And you really have NO clue as to the actual cost of manufacture. You want to be the cheerleader for this junk, fine. Do it somewhere else. The rest of us have experience and intelligence to recognize bad specs when we see it.

'Nuff said.
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Hey everyone,

I spoke with a seller on Ebay, along with a recent buyer. The Seller is here in the US and told me about the projector. the Na-10. I recently have purchased one on Ebay and currently am waiting its arrival. I asked the seller a few questions, dealing with the specifications since the box said one thing but the text on their listing said another. The seller responded saying that the manual that comes with the projector says something else. He also did say that the projector works very well in 1080p that they are using. I also spoke with a buyer who bought the same thing as I am which included the Na-10LED Projector, the 80in screen, the ceiling mount, and hdmi cable for about $400. He runs a business here in the states for MMA fighting and also martial arts. He told me his expierence with the projector for his uses. They use the projector for broadcasts of MMA Fights that they show. He said to me the only problems he had, were that the screen of 80inches was too small, because he wanted a bigger image. He ended up blowing up the image he said around 200inches and said it looked great. He also said the build in speaker in the projector isn't very good. ( That was to be expected, and most of us will be using some other sort of speaker system) According to the USPS my projector and all its goodies should be here on Monday March 4th. I work until the evenings, so I don't know if I will have a chance to set it all up and test it. But I will respond here by next weekend (Between March 8-10th) with my thoughts and I will also include pictures.


John S
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Hey John. Sorry to burst your bubble but this is a very sub Par projector. There is no other way to put it you. You will see a mammoth chicken wire/ screen door effect. These type single screen projectors have been around for years. LED is the latest buzz word being used by people trying to shlep these off on the uneducated public. This is classic white van scam material. If you are in anyway impressed by this you should be thunderstruck when you watch a real 3 LCD or DLP projector in action.


BTW I just went onto Ebay and as I suspected they are using a SINGLE 480x640 Panel. Sorry Dude. If you can get your money Back I would do it
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It's a bit late on that one, since it should be according to tracking information to my house tomorrow. I am quite disappointed to hear that, but I guess you get what you pay for *sigh* Thankfully, I am only using the projector in my bedroom. I had a nice tv and stand, but my room was too small for all of it. I was going to mount the tv, but the only wall that I could even think about mounting it to, the other side was the shower, and we weren't quite sure about the stability of the wall. Since we are renting the house, which was built in the 50s were kind of weary if the wall in between my room and the shower may have any dampness to it, so that's why I decided against that. And I believe I know what you mean by the chicken wire look. When I was in college I had used a ZoomBox projector as my tv and it had that effect at a distance.

Either way, I will still provide my thoughts and pictures and such, this way at least it will give others more of a heads up. :-/
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I actually bought one about a year ago. I previously purchased the digital galaxy projectors because they are inexpensive and bulbs are cheap to replace. This projector blows the other ones I had away with resolution, color and brightness. Keep in mind the 3d element is only for the blue/green glasses and not the real 3d experience. I am very happy with my purchase.
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Let me guess, you liked it so much you bought the company?

cough : 1st post, shilling a POS product? yep, looks like
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These results show up on google do you have people coming on here desperately tryi g to keep the scam alive.


If people would stop buying them the scammers would move back to fake watches.
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Originally Posted by John Stine View Post

It's a bit late on that one, since it should be according to tracking information to my house tomorrow.

Actually, it's still not too late. You have a minimum of 30 days to return anything purchased through eBay with paypal. Regardless of if they say "no returns". This projector is clearly a white van scam, so reporting to eBay they should also warn or ban the scam seller. If you look on craigslist, you will find this same (or others that look nearly identical) projector under several other names such as "Bernelli". They all list 3k-5k msrp and are all scams.

Since this is the first result that shows up in google now when searching "napali projector", OP or mod may want to change the thread title to include "White Van Scam" or the first line of OP to "THIS IS A SCAM PRODUCT" so that other people looking on craigslist, etc and then searching on google will see this in the title of the first search result. Maybe it would save a few people from throwing their money to scammers.
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You figure in the smartphone age people would google this stuff before buying.

Nope frown.gif
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RLBURNSIDE- no need to be a jerk. I merely gave my opinion on MY purchase. I do not need a high end projector for my needs. And no I have nothing to do with the selling of these projectors.
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My buddy just got the NA-8LED one.. The box says 1080p, says netflix, facebook and other online features. Box says $4,999 MSRP... He traded a 86 in DLP with 3D from mitsubishi. Tv was $3500, worth about $800-$1200 now... He got the ceiling mount, the screen and the projector... I played with the menus and the options were VERY limited... the HDMI would only accept an input from the satellite... Ps3 wont work or xbox or PC, probably because they are in 1080p mode and this device does 1080i60 but in no way does it look high def... its definitely under 800x600 res. it is pretty bright but so is most projectors. The 3D is NOT 3D!!! it does not support 3D. It comes with 1 (3D glasses lol) which is just a red and blue lens... which any device could do...

I value this device at roughly $75-$150... Thats the most I would pay. with the kit I would pay $200... Sad because its his friend that ripped him off and claimed that he knew nothing of the device but said it was worth $4999... Yea ..... MORAL of the story... if it seems to good to be true IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sorry to hear. White van strikes again.

If I had a contact, I would get my tv back it be in small claims court. Friend or not.
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I agree.... I told him to punch him in his face and call it even...... This guy is a scam artist.... not sure why my friend keeps messing with him....
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Thanks for this thread.

My wife called me out to meet the salesman. He said he sold & serviced to a nearby bar/restaurant, and had some excess projection tvs ($5000), screens ($1200), stereos and speaker bars. I thought I saw Sony on the label, but it turned out to be Napali brand. Special deal, while they last, $500 for the TV with screen, $200 for the 350 watt bluetooth stereo with speaker bar. LED projector, so the bulb lasts 25000 hours.

He was driving, of all things, a white rental van, though he was quick to give us his name and a phone number. I didn't bother trying it.

I thought at first the stuff was hot, but it would have to be the weapon of choice in a capital crime to justify those discounts. I admit I was a little tempted, so I googled a review. Chicken wire image, indeed, though he quickly pointed out that if he backed up you would no longer notice. I'm not sure it was even 600 x 800, it was so coarse. Weak light also.

He quickly got antsy to go and harder sell, all at once. Guess he thought I called the cops. I would have, but it seemed that he was only a feather merchant, as my father used to say, not a thief.

Thanks for the alerts, folks.
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Wheres the link to buy a bulb replacement for the napali na5led?? I bought the napali for $300 worked great until the bulb went out. Withing 5 months
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Hi all. I have a Infocus IN2102. Its putting out little white and black dots on the screen. Which I already know what it at fault (DMD chip). I would like to replace the DMD chip. But all the prices I am finding are really high. I paid $75 for the projector almost 2yrs ago and use it every other day for a movie or 2. Would hate to have to get another projector. But if I could find a DMD chip model number (8060-6319W) fairly cheap, would rather go that route. I hope there is a place or website that I can buy one cheaper than having to search for another projector, which have had quite a few. This one didnt start doing this until I upgraded my powered sub from a Velodyne DD18, to 2 custom bult 18's in cutom built boxes. Each box being 7.75 cubic ft with a 12" diameter port in each one, driving by 2 crown CE2000's one on each sub. One sub could easily kill the velodyne DD18 with ease on every note, including notes under 28hz. About a day later it started to pixelate. Please let me know something and also some info. Thanks everyone for having such a great website for everyone's expert opinion.
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Did anyone find a source for a new bulb for the Napali Na-5LED projector ?, I guess its the bulb ? My daughter said it just went black ? The fan and red on light come on but not the light. I have had it for 10 months yes it is a " white van special " but for as little as I have in it it's got good color & picture ( bang for the buck )

 I'm a little sad the 50,000 hr bulb ( if that's what it is ) only lasted maybe 500 hr tops , but hey you get what you pay for and I do not have a lot in it at all so I can eat a bulb or two

 Any help in trouble shooting / a bulb source would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ,


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It's LED bro, it doesn't need a bulb lol.
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Originally Posted by wantitcheep View Post

Did anyone find a source for a new bulb for the Napali Na-5LED projector ?, I guess its the bulb ? My daughter said it just went black ? The fan and red on light come on but not the light. I have had it for 10 months yes it is a " white van special " but for as little as I have in it it's got good color & picture ( bang for the buck )
Why not call the manufacturer for a replacement lamp? I mean, it's likely under warranty since they advertise it as a LED 50,000 hour lamp, I'm sure they'll replace it for free.
Originally Posted by wantitcheep View Post

...hey you get what you pay for and I do not have a lot in it at all so I can eat a bulb or two
But, it is more likely you just ate the cost of the entire projector because it was very poorly built.

Consider that for $500 you can get a projector from a major manufacturer with excellent color, a true 16:9 HD image (720p) and a lamp life that is likely between 1,000 and 2,000 hours, if not significantly more, then I'm not sure what you are basing your value decision upon.

Likewise, I'm not sure what basis you have to claim that "it's got good color and picture" or "bang for the buck". How many projectors did you compare it to? How many have you seen running HD video in a home theater?

I wish you luck, but you may need to pull the bulb and try to find out what it is exactly.
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A lot of these are halogen bulbs for desk lamps. You can buy them at Walmart.
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