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Way back in 1990 I listened to a set of Altec 508 Speakers. They were fantastic. Smooth with great bass response. I thought by buying the 501 the experience would only improve with the larger 10" woofers over the 8" woofers in the 508. I was misled. The 501 was harsh and dry in comparison. The 508 had better balance and was much smoother. This was a big shock considering the mid and tweet are identical in the 508 / 501. Even with superior electronics the 501 trailed the 508. I tolerated it. I corrected the deficiency with the loudness and bass treble controls. I retired the 501's when I obtained a set of PSB Stratus Golds. The Golds destroyed the 501 in every way.

Now, I had a peek at my 501's the other day where they are being stored. I am considering making them a project. I am considering refinishing them and having the surrounds re done on the woofers. I would like to improve them. I am pretty sure the crossover is the culprit in the 501. I am considering a re design of the crossover with the goal of a smooth and balanced sound.

With that said, I would love some advice and considerations prior to me starting this project. Im wondering if I am about to waste time and money on a lost cause. Either way, some opinions would be great before I begin........