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Nikon s9300 keeper?

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Bought the s9300, with a class10 30mps Sandics 4gb for $199 local BB. I can take it back if there is a better choice for video at $200. I chose it for three reasons. Good zoom for my nature loving wife to take photos and from what I know "not much" pretty good video for my indoor moderate lighting videos wink.gif It was a three day sale so I grabbed it. . My photo and video knowledge is basically what I have seen with my eyes. My last camera took SD video and one maybe two size pictures. The s9300 does not get the best reviews, but reviewers can be bought ..... So any thoughts on a better bang for the buck? 1080,30p video is a must. A good zoom would be nice, but it is not as important as over all image Q.
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If you like the pictures and videos, keep it! You are not likely to find anyone on this forum that has any experience with that camera.
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Its garbage imo. Auto focus struggles at all times and even hi-res photos outside get grainy so its back at BB.
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Originally Posted by rpgdude View Post

Its garbage imo. Auto focus struggles at all times and even hi-res photos outside get grainy so its back at BB.

You paid $200! You are not going to get $600 performance! There is no free lunch.
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Where did i say a word about a $600 camera? I do however expect a $200 stand alone Nikon that was $350 not so long ago to give better photos and video then a 2 year old galaxy s cell phone camera.I was dead wrong I know that now. If that somehow offends you I apologize but It was so obvious that my wife didn't even get mad taking it back 30 miles away from home. But it over now. We said screw it and went over budget when I found a deal on the Sony CyberShot DSC-HX20V for $260 new. Not gonna get 1080 60p for less then that new I don't think. Only 16 left when I grabbed it.
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I apologize if I was rude about the $600 statement. The Sony CyberShot DSC-HX20V is an excellent camera. At $260 you did extremely well. It will definitely be a keeper.

I have last year's version, the HX9V. In some ways I prefer it to using my $800 Panasonic camcorder. I took both on a vacation a year ago trying to prove to myself that the little camera was flawed compared to my bigger camera. I failed. The video quality from the little Sony was wonderful. Your model is supposed to be a little better than mine.

One of my favorite examples of what can be done in skilled hands with these Sony point-n-shoot camcorders is

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Bill? W/E I am so exited about the HX20. Your statement "In some ways I prefer it to using my $800 Panasonic camcorder" actually made me giddy! biggrin.gif You can download this clip http://vimeo.com/52335763 uncompressed at the bottom of the page in 1920x1080 60p. Its the HX30 but the only difference is wifi. I was blown away by this vid eek.gif
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I looked at my last post and the link to the video was missing. I've corrected it. Or you can use this link: https://vimeo.com/25088008

I took a cruise ship trip in Europe last year. I took both the HX9V and the more expensive camcorder. I alternated days ashore with the cameras. Certainly the bigger one can get better audio and has a lot more user controllable features. It has things like mic jack and viewfinder as well.

But, as a tourist, the little camera caught clips the bigger camera would not. For example, most shops that appeal to women have a bench outside for husbands. Sitting there with a small "snapshot" camera does not intimidate the local residents nearly as much as a "camcorder".

Tourist things like stopping for lunch is easier because you can park the little camera safely in a pocket.

I've been in a few places where "video cameras" are not allowed. One was a college football game!

My grade school aged granddaughters and I were invited to shoot a documentary of a family elder at a summer reunion. Light and background noise were bad. One granddaughter had the little camera and the other, the bigger one. I'm the editor and, depending on the changing circumstances, like harsh sunlight, quality of footage varies between the two. In editing I switch back and forth and, in the end, you can't tell which is which.

Although it does not look like a traditional camcorder, you have a very good one -- even it it took three tries!

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Awesome to hear. Nice video ty for your time all.
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