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Problem with Toshiba 56HM195

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I was recently given a Toshiba 56HM195 by family friends. It worked just fine for them when connected to an HD cable box, but when connected to a standard cable box, picture quality gets scrambled. The box Im using just has an coaxial input from the wall to the box, and an output from the box to the tv. There is no component output or HDMI output from the box. I'm wondering if there is any fix to this problem. Thank you!
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I sounds like you have the coax output from the cable box attached to the coax input of the tv.

Might try doing a channel scan on the tv to help it identify the channel the input signal is coming in on.

The input is probably on channel 3 or 4, but the scan should id this and might give you a better signal.
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I just tried that and had no change. Any other suggestions?
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The menu system should have a command to reset the settings. Might give this a try, as it looks like it can't hurt anything.

The reset command should be somewhere on the last menu option set on the right hand side of the menu bar. Might be buried in one of the menus.

I don't have my set anymore, so I can't tell you exactly where it is.

If you have any other components, like a DVD player, hook it up and see if the problem exists with that device also. That will narrow things down to the issue being with the set, or the cable box.
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I tried resetting the settings and that didn't do anything as well. I hooked it up to an HD cable box with no problems, but the standard cable box still has a fuzzy connection. I then connected that box to a smaller TV and that had a perfectly clear picture. I'm at a loss for words now.
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Looks like a call or visit to the cable company is next to either get another standard box, or upgrade to HD. With the larger screen size, HD will look much better.

Good luck.
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