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How do I fix this door?

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I bought an standard 80 x 36 door and since I have a low ceiling I cut it and now the door knob is too low also you can see a big gag on the bottom. What is the best way to fix this? I was going to cover the door with fabric, but how do I the hole on the door? About the gap on the bothom, I was thinking to use small part of the piece that I cut and glue and nail and since I'm covering the door with fabric, nobody is going to see it. Now that was the issue that I saw right away after I cut it.
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Plug it with some of the wood you cut off, glue it in place, mix sawdust in with the glue if ou plan on staining it, then sand.
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You have so much room at the top, what is going up there? future soffit? On the bottom, after the carpet and pad it looks about right to me. Put in tall oak threshold and it will pretty much close the gap. If you were planning to add a automatic door seal at the bottom you will need some filler to mount it because there is not a flat area.
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That door will probably fall apart. A lot of the strength comes from the bottom rail to stile joints. I'd suggest finding a solid core flush door. MDF core is better than typical particle board since you're cutting off so much.
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Yes, I'm planning a soffit. You see a lot of space, but it can't not be taller because there is a bean there that I have to hide on a soffit.

Petew, I know what you are saying because the bottom was falling apart, but I nailed the bottom. Buying another door is not a choice since I already paid 148 dollar for this one.
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