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Help with new house network

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Hello, I'm not sure which forum this might pertain to, so if any mods want to move it thank you in advance. My question is going to be quite vag for now as I need help understanding even the basics of a whole home network. I'm not sure if network is the right term, but here is what I am trying to do, or understand. We are in the process of building a new home and I want to get the wiring done right. I'm trying to understand how the internet connection is distributed throughout the house. So I need help understanding the flow of data and the different devices used to accomlish this. I'm only concerned about data at this point, A/V I pretty much understand. My needs for data will be this. 1. Desktop PC, 2. Smart TV, 3. blu-ray player, 4 sat. reciever, 5, wireless router.

My data service comes into the house in the mechanical room in the basement and I have 1 data port in there. My router has 4 ports, so I could just plug my router into that port then run cables from router to device. Great, but now I have run out of ports (4) and what would I do in the future if ( and when ) I add more devices such as fax, more tv's, blu-rays, computers, ect... I have no problem running the wires in the wall, and I'd rather have things hard wired rather now while its easy. I've read some things about switches or patch panels that have many ports that would serve my needs. so my question is how does this stuff tie into the flow of things. does the switch plug into the orginal data jack, then everything plugs into that? or is patch panel easier? How do I get data throughout the house off of the orginal data port from the communication company?? Thanks for dumbing this all down so that I can wrap my brain around the various componets and such.

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I'd wire the whole house with Ethernet with in-wall jacks in every room.

As for what to use to split the Ethernet idk, but then you should be able to plug a router in any jack you wanted not just in the back room.
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Are you going to be doing the wiring yourself? If not usually the person you hire to do it, will walk you through the set up an split coming from your Main Internet to your router to switch.......
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Thanks for the reply's. Yes I will be doing the wiring as I feel quite capable of doing all the wiring and install. I think from my research that I will need a switch in the system so I guess my main question is what is the order of hooking everything up? would it be.. Internet source---> router
> switch ----> devices? I am wiring wall jacks in all the rooms. thats not my issue, I need to know what to do with the other end of all those wall jacks. Thanks guys!

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What you want are called "home-runs", that is each room's outlets(s) are run back to a central location such as your mechanical room. In most rooms you will want/need two outlets. You want to look around the space and picture where furniture and items may be located -- you do not want wires running across doorways or in traffic areas. If you need more than one or two items connected in a room simply adding a switch will allow as many connections as you need -- is several rooms I have 8 port switches feeding my equipment from the single run of cable.

One key thing is to mark each wire, there is little use in connecting all of them when you are only using a small portion of them. You service provider will give you a modem/router of some sort -odds are it will have 4 ports. From there you can hang as many switches as you need. Switches are cheap. Depending on the layout of the house you may want to run a cable to the attic or a central location in a two story house to feed a wireless access point. Even if 90% of your stuff is hard wired you will need wireless for tablets, phones and such. A wireless router in the basement may work, but for optimum coverage something located on the main floor will work better.

always over wire, you can do it easily now, and you never know what future needs you will have.
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