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Two Bathroom light switches.

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One bathroom switch when turned on will turn on for just a blink, then wiggle and the lights will come on.
The other bathroom (a dimmer switch) works at various levels at various heights it is turned on?
Any help would be appreciated.
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the one that just blinks is broke, replace. $2
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That's or it's backstabbed.

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Coach, welcome to AVSforum. I see that this is your first post. The nature of your question may indicate a lack of understanding and skills to do your own electrical repairs. If you are unsure you best call in an electrician.

Tim that is a possibility and this would be an opportunity to replace it with a more secure device. I had a back-stabbed outlet that almost burned down my house. When a circuit failed I found the failed connections on the back of an outlet that was completely charred.
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