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Amping for the 105 - ideas?  

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Hey guys,

Yes, this is my first post rolleyes.gif

I am building my first home Hi-Fi / Theatre system and plan to start with the Oppo BDP-105. I am very excited to get this baby, and plan to order in a couple days. It just feels like a new breed of stereo kit.

My quest is to build a very simple, good sounding system with the Oppo as the prime source, and I am budgetting for a pair of full-range towers and matched Amping/Processing equipment. Later, I will continue build to 5.1 surround when money allows. I have about I will play CD's, BluRays and will definetely I will take advantage of the USB input - probably purchase a small SSD just to tuck into my cabinet.

My goal is to keep 2-channel stereo as my primary mode of listening, but I want to be able to seamlessly transition to Surround for BluRay movies/concerts. Would appreciate your ideas for selecting the proper Surround Processing & Amping, so that this bad boy can best flex it's musclular fidelity.For all intents and purposes, I keep thinking that I should be able to avoid purchasing an AVR and instead go with some type of multi-channel amp or integrated amp setup, but this is pretty confusing to me.Is the Oppo "preamp" capability good enough for a very good sounding system?

Please forgive me if this topic has been covered...would appreciate being directed to some threads or webpages, if so.

Much appreciated for any leads!
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Welcome to AVS, Please post your question in the Oppo 105 thread. Yes, it has been posted there. The first post has links to many topics.


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Will do, thanks!
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