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Optoma GT750e or Acer H5360

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Hi guys, new to the forum. I have gone back and forth on which one of these 2 I should get. I could really use your help. I have read just about every thing there is to know about these but just can't make up my mind. I want to be able to do 3D and I'd like to have 1080p but unfortunately I don't have the budget. Budget is around $700-$800 for just the pj. I have read great things about the Acer being an all round great pj and I realize that I would have to buy a converter box to do 3D. I hear the picture is pretty great. With the Optoma it has 1.4 so I could use PS3 to play 3D games and movies but I have read not so great reviews about the picture in 2D. I had an Infocus X1 for years and years and loved it so anything I go with will be a step up. As for my setup, I have a 16' x 12' room with 2 windows that I plan on blacking out with curtains. I believe ill be sitting about 12.5' from the screen. I am going to project onto a screen between 100" to 130". I will be watching mostly sports on cable and 2D/3D movies. Maybe a couple video games here and there.

Hopefully I'm not leaving anything out but any help or advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I am so indecisive. Thank you!

Sorry...just realized I posted in the wrong thread. My apologies.
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Wrong thread, so I'll let a mod move it but the Acer has had an incredible amount of complaints. The GT750 is a step up from the 720 and handles blacks/contrasts better if you can deal with the short throw. BestBuy does price matches of big online retailers now so I'd have them match the $678 (or $687?) WalMart Price (GT750E) and buy with an American Express so you get a 2 Yr Warranty vs 1Yr
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Thanks for the response DFresh. You mention "if you can deal with the short throw." What are some disadvantages of a short throw projector?
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For me its the placement flexibility. I traditionally have about 11-12" for most DLP projectors to my 92" pulldown. I debated about a GT but I would have a toddler smashing it on my coffee table probably on a daily basis

I'd be stuck at around 5' with the GT

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