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oztech, I think that I and others have already covered the fact that for the consumer market, their ways are changing towards portable devices. Maybe read the whole thread, then just posting what others have already stated over and over. For the business market, it depends on the worker that needs either a laptop or desktop workstation, or the business choice in general, that is deciding how that particular business is going to make change in what they are going to purchase for use by their workers.

Our company does service the business side and there is a decline in towers in that field I did not say they were going away but they are declining just a visual when you see cubicles and offices that once had towers under each desk that is no longer the case and yes I did read the threads you seem to be taking this personnel.
Depending on the car dealership chances are you will be greeted with a sales person with an iPad or at least the dealer in our neighborhood uses them.
Go to the hospital and at one point a specialists will have an iPad in his or her arms as per my last visit.
Most of the large warehouses we do work for their employees go down isles with iPads.
The legal offices we do work for almost has a laptop on every desk .
I could list more but feel its unnecessary to prove what I and others are seeing in the field.