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cheap 5.1 receiver with optical input???

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Hey guys, I'm brand new to the whole forum thing, so please be gentle.
But anyway, I decided to splurge my Christmas money and get a crappy little home-theater-in-a-box... a Sony 300 watt 5.1 set-up.
And you know, it sounds okay, nothing spectacular. It's a little muffled but its better than what i had before, so it's good enough for me.
So I tried to hook it up to the BRAVIA, hoping it would have an optical input so i could take advantage of the cheap surround sound, but the receiver only has RCA inputs.
If i have a cheap system I at least want to get real surround sound and not "simulated surround sound".
I was wondering if there was such thing as a simple little receiver that only has what i need (an optical input with 5.1 connections) that way I could save some money.
(I am in college, and therefore poor)
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Oh, and this is how i have things set up right now if it's of any help:
PS3 + cable box to TV via respective HDMI and component cables,
and a single red and white RCA connection from the TV to the receiver for sound.

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There are several AV Receivers on craigslist LA under $100. Even a few Sony receivers around $50 with optical inputs. If this is the kind of budget you're looking at it'll be pretty easy to find one.

If you're looking to return your Sony setup and are looking for systems with speakers then consider one of these Denon refurbs from 'accessories4less.



They even have 3 or 4 HDMI inputs so you could take advantage of high definition audio from blu ray.
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I'll take a look then.
Thank you sir.
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