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Need help Choosing 5.0/5.1 Speakers

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Merry Christmas all

I'm going to be getting an Onkyo TXNR616 tomorrow for Christmas and I was looking into getting a set of speakers to go along with them. I've narrow my choices down to to two but will appreciate any other suggestions. I'm currently looking at:

Polk TL1600 - http://www.visions.ca/Catalogue/Category/Details.aspx?categoryId=164&productId=7298&sku=TL1600 (~$388 for 5.1 system)


S606 HCS3 HG - Bestbuy.ca ($499 minus sub)

I'd be using them in a ~20'x14' room with 10' ceilings.

I like the idea of floor standing speakers a lot but I honestly don't know enough about selecting a set of speakers to pick out something of decent quality. I'd mainly be using them for movies and some gaming with very little music.

Thanks for any help that can be offered!
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Go with the Jamo and add a sub when you can
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Thanks for the input.

I stopped by Best Buy on the way home from the office and this set caught my eye:


Klipsch 5.1 set | $699

The Klipsch sounded better than the Jamo but it's not exactly easy to tell when they're in a department store.

So I guess I'm looking at one of these 3 unless someone has a decent suggestion (keeping in mind I'm from Canada and don't have access to some of the more popular places to buy electronics).
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Have you had a chance to hear horn/compression drivers? (other than a several min audition at bb) Some people find the cheaper klipsch models "harsh" at the high end!
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I didn't really get to hear much from the speakers.

I wasn't aware that these would be considered cheaper. It's regularly around ~$1700 but it's going on sale on boxing day.
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Sorry, did not mean to insult your speaker choice! Didn't follow your link, so wasn't aware of the speaker model. Anyway, some people really like horn tweeters and some really don't! Just make sure you are not in the later category before the purchase (or make sure you get a 30 day return policy)!
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I wasn't being defensive sorry. I really have no idea what is considered cheap or not when it comes to home theater choices. This is pretty much all new to me and I'm not completely sure what the best choice is.
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Bumping to see if I can get anymore input before I go out to buy some speakers later this morning.

The Polk set is also on for $298 today.
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That jamo set is known to be good, but right now the best deal bestbuy.ca has is the Jbl lft 5.0 set http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/-/b0000073.aspx?path=9cbb0a0c23372f74bbf52d954fc1264cen02
that polk set is pretty basic looking
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I was looking at the JBL set they had available but I didn't put much consideration into them when I couldn't find much information on them in the way of reviews online.

Why would you say they are a better deal/set then the others?
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