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How to make or buy a pure sine wave AC regenerator.

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Now that the government has made it legal for the power companies to play with AC line frequencies, I am thinking about AC power "regenerators" Plug in in front of your electronics, but instead of the currently advertised "line conditioner" crud at big prices, it actually would "regenerate" power....take the input, and generate a precision 60hz regulated ac output, like a ups under battery power.

I looked into them years ago, but they were very very pricy. Looking into them again.

But I was thinking of a poor man's version. What if you got a pure sinewave output UPS....it generates the sine wave on BATTERY only, during a power problems situation. What if you removed the battery, and connected a DC power supply to the battery terminals, disconnected the UPS from the ac line, and used it off the power supply all the time????????

I know, perhaps, the UPS circuitry was not designed for long term use, but I suppose a higher capacity ups would work? Assuming a higher capacity ups had heavy duty circuitry, not just a bigger battery.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.
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You may want to consider a double conversion UPS system which actually converts your incoming AC to DC, and then converts the DC into a pure sine AC. See, for example, the OPTI-UPS Durable Series DS1000B 1000VA 700W True Online, Double-Conversion, (website: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16842107133) These types of units run off of the AC therefore use more power than a standby unit.

My research shows that there are many discussions about getting a pure sine wave delivered to your theater system, with some comments that these double conversion systems are just like selling snake oil, that is "a very expensive system that does nothing more than a cheap surge protector." Also, there are some comments that no double conversion system delivers a pure sine wave unless it costs more than $10,000. But some swear by these units improves performance, whatever that is.

Be careful about buying these units. According to some consumer reviews, they either work or don't work. I have yet to buy one. The above OPTI-UPS is made in China and costs about $370 delivered. I did find a Chinese website that offers a substantial discount, But I am unsure of the reliability of the site.

Hope this helps.

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Observations Re: Double Conversion Pure Sine Wave UPS:

Greetings Colleagues:

I have purchased a double conversion pure sine wave ups, and here are my observations on its impact. After connecting the home theater system to the ups, I noticed a darker picture. I had to adjust the brightness level to lighten up the picture a little to proper calibrated levels. The grey scale adjustments needed a slight tweaking with the color munki display but wasn't too far off from settings without the ups. Also, I had to readjust the color and tint settings slightly, using the blue filter method. March 26, 2013: Additionally, I had to readjust contrast setting to higher level to avoid or get rid of a slight red tinting that appeared on a ramp pattern.

It appears that the picture quality improved. But this could be as a result of adjusting the brightness level which increased the contrast ratio. Also, the double conversion pure sine wave ups has a little "noise" from the fan, but that doesn't bother me possibly due to the large refrigerator my wife had installed about 3 feet behind my couch, or the furnace 10 feet to my left in the basement.

Hope this helps,

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The Double Conversion Pure Sine UPS - Murphy's Law:

Greetings Colleagues,

My double conversion ups developed a bus fault, which is not a good thing. The ups cannot be used and must be replaced or repaired. However, the manufacturer has a two/three year warranty. I will keep you updated.

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UPS Update:

I received my repaired double conversion ups back from the manufacturer and hooked it up to the tv and cable box. To attempt to avoid any future problems (such as a bus fault) I turned off the ups, but left it plugged into the outlet to charge the batteries for at least eight hours. Also, in the event of a thunder storm, I will turn off the ups and may even unplug it. This may defeat the purpose of having the ups as a power backup, but my purpose is for picture quality and not backup.

July 10, 2013: I still have no recommendation on the UPS device.

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