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HDC-TM90 won't charge or power up

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Had this TM90 for less than a year and a half. Used it very little (vacations, some sporting events, etc.). Thought I had it charged for Christmas, went to use it this morning and had zero power. Plugged the charger in, red light flashed for about a minute, then shut off. Still zero juice.

Is it my battery, would you think? I can't believe it would go bad after this little time/use...I need a backup and an out-of-camera charger anyway, but don't want to purchase if the battery is not my issue.

Please advise if you've encountered anything similar, thanks!
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Look at your manual. It should tell you what that means. But, it does sound like a battery gone bad. They do that. I bought one that didn't work at all once.
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Thanks for the reply. I'd looked at the manual. It described similar, but not exactly the same, scenarios, ie. never mentions the red light coming on and flashing intermittently for just a minute or so.

Got a new battery ordered, so hopefully that does it!
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Got the new battery that I ordered, had the same issue. I also ordered a charger so that I could charge it outside the camcorder, just in case something in that "loop" was broken, but haven't received the charger yet. Was frustrated and dinking around with it yesterday, and discovered (I think) the problem. I started pushing the different buttons that you have access to when you open the LCD screen, and the "manual on/off" button powered it on. I had done that before, but it hadn't worked, so I'm not sure what was different this time. Also, after having done that, it now powers on when I open the LCD screen (as it's supposed to).

Glad I didn't send it in for repairs (on my dime)!
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Just A quick Note:

If A Li-Ion batt goes dead flat it wont charge in standard chargers.. Batteries shouldn't be left connected to the device if left unused for A couple of weeks or more..

If you know what you are doing You can fix this by using A 12V car battery charger or similar to zap the Li-Ion battery
(holding the Battery charger terminals +/- on the +/- for A quick 1 second zap)
this will put anough charge into the Li-ion so the standard charger will recognise thus charge the batt..

Note: Dont zap the Li-Ion for more than 1 second intervels as its possible that A li-ion battery could
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Thanks for the reply. Fortunately, I didn't need to zap the battery. Got the "out of camcorder" charger, charged both the original battery and the replacement battery, and both of them power the camera up now.

The "manual on/off" button must have been stuck in the off position or something (although that makes no sense, if you're familiar with this camcorder!).

Anyway, all good now! Is there a way to mark this thread "resolved?"

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