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Help! Xbox 360 sound from one speaker?!

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Ok so my wife just bought me a new XBox 360 slim for christmas. The black one with a 250gb hdd. Well easy enough, I plug in the power, hook an HDMI to it, and start setting it up. Then I start to watch a tv show testing to be sure netflix is working right. The sound only plays from my left front speaker. The last hour and a half of searching have yeilded me no results. So hope yall can help.

First the new Xbox connected via HDMI to my AV Reciver It is an Insignia NS-R5101AHD. Then running HDMI from the A/V to my new LG 60" Plasma TV.

I swapped the HDMI cable from my PS3 to my Xbox and it didn't fix anything. I confirmed before switching that the cable played 5.1 surround thru netflix on my PS3. Same awesome sound as always. Then hooked the same HDMI cable to the xbox. left it plugged into the br/dvd port on the a/v. turned on the xbox and only the front left channel plays. Video is fine, but audio is one channel. Switched the cable back to PS3 and had full 5.1. So I've ruled out both HDMI cables in this setup from being bad. Also ruled out the reciever from being bad mechanically. Obviously if something was broke in the reciever then it wouldn't have played right for the ps3 and not the xbox.

Next I plugged the now confirmed HDMI cable back into the xbox, and checked the audio settings. I have stereo, dd 5.1 and dd 5.1 w/ wma. I checked each of these doing a reboot between each change to be sure it took effect. Each time all sound only came from front left. that includes sound effects from the xbox, the same particular episode of glee on netflix, etc. Ok so audio settings don't show to be the problem.

Next I read to turn off the display detect so I did so and set it manually to 1080 hd. restarted and same.

So I popped in a game, same effect. front left. Obviously it's not netflix.

Now I am officially stumped. My 6 year old PS3 works just fine, yet my 4 hour old Xbox can't play sound with the same equipment? Hope someone can throw me a bone here.

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Plug in to the TV. Do you get stereo? If it's still mono, then the Xbox is busted. Exchange it for another one. If you get stereo, then there is likely an odd incompatibility between your off-brand receiver and the extremely common 360.
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Oh, and set the 360 to stereo for a minute. Also, turn off the Dolby+WMA option. It serves no purpose of value and may be your issue.
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Another few hours of diddling and I've fixed it. I turned the DD 5.1 back on, turned off the xbox, turned off the reciever, then turned the reciever back on then the xbox and it seems to be working. Also I cut off the display detect. I think a handshake was getting lost somewhere along the way.
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