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Region B disc  

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Ok, so I got a disc for Christmas from Amazon UK and it wont play in any one of the 6 bluray players in my house.
I have 3 sony bluray players, a Pioneer Elite, and LG and a Panasonic.
?, is the Oppo 103 the player I need?

Merry Christmas all.
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Maybe. If the disc is Region B, you would still need to get a region-free mod kit for an Oppo or buy one pre-modded. The Oppo will play non-region-encoded BDs out of the box but since BDs are the same worldwide (not including extras which may be in SD), any player should play a non-region-encoded BD. It sounds like the disc you have is region-encoded. You may have just been unlucky here since the majority of UK BDs are not region-encoded.

If you do a little research, you will find that there are quite a few region-free players out there. Many do require some sort of hardware mod but many can be purchased already modded. The downside of modded players is that the manufacturer's warranty is usually voided.
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To do research on blu ray regions, I would use google and "blu ray region" as my search phrase. You will find the "general info" breakdown of how the regions are divided up.
Or this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blu-ray#Region_codes

If you decide to do research on "region free" blu ray players, please post follow questions in this thread:


Or you can go to advance search, use title search only option and "region" as your search word for all the previous threads talking about region free players and mod kits.

Here's our software thread on regional titles for research


Here's a link to do research by title and region coding: http://bluray.liesinc.net/
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