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Call of duty 2 lag. New Xbox and tv

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I've searched around for 2 days straight and need a little more insight than I can find. I just bought myself the Xbox 360 with call of duty. I also purchased a new 55" vizio 120hz smart tv. When I play I feel like theirs a slight lag when I move around. I've read about turning motion smoothing off, but my vizio does not have this option in advanced picture setting. I am definitely stumped. I forgot to buy an hdmi cable so I am using an old cable from my roommates old white Xbox with the hd switch. So I do run it on component input. Not sure if that could be an issue. I'm assuming that maybe not all TVs have the option to turn smooth motion off? Any help would be appreciated. I'm an old hardcore pc gamer. I'm hoping I don't have to return this massive tv for another one with an off feature to help reduce lag. Thank you and merry Christmas!
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Look for "Game" mode on the TV. That setting should at least help a little bit.
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If there isn't a game mode, you basically wanna turn off all extra processing, like motion interpolation gimmicks, noise reduction, etc.
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you need to find a way to turn all that motion interpolation stuff off. it really messes with gaming. with 120Hz or 240 Hz TVs, it's an issue that wasn't on previous 60Hz TVs.

also, increase the sensitivity of the analog sticks via the menu options of the game.
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Get a plasma.

No seriously. Get a plasma.

I went thru the exact same thing with the 55" Vizio LCD. Even worse I ordered it offline. Which meant to return it I had to put this big azz tv back in the box, get it to FedEx/UPS and ship it back. And thats exactly what I did. I asked a friend with a pickup truck to come over, boxed up the TV and took it down 3 floors and then drove an hour to pay $120 bucks to send it back FedEx Ground. I was refunded my $1200 about 2 weeks later. And I went and bought a plasma of equal size for about $1000. I could not be happier with the plasma!!

Hard lesson to learn, but you'll never catch me buying a big screen LCD TV again. My eyes are entirely too sensitive to the motion blur, motion smoothing, "soap opera" effect. I can notice it instantly, and it always turns me off. Even walking thru Costco just 4 days ago.. I could instantly tell which big TV's were LCD and which were Plasma. I must admit I do have a small 37" 1080p LCD TV in the bedroom that seems to have no problems with motion. And its only 60hz. So I agree that only 120/240hz LCD have this problem or that screen size may possibly play a factor. I also ONLY notice this problem on big screen (50"+) LCD's. Either way.. you want big screen tv for gaming? Get. A. Plasma.
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I'll even help you find one. 60" 1080P Panny plasma for $800 with FREE shipping from Frys!

Panasonic VIERA TC-P60U50 60" Class 1080p 600Hz Plasma TV $799.00 Free shipping - no tax for some Frys.com

$799.00 shipped - no tax for some

Product Features
600 Hz Sub Field Drive
Media Player
Game Mode
Technical Details
Brand Name: Panasonic
Model: TC-P60U50
Display Technology: PLASMA
Display Size: 60 inches
Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09
Weight: 101.00 pounds
Image Contrast Ratio: High Contrast Ratio
Refresh Rate: 600
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