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Help Please! Which one is the better choice here?

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I have a Pioneer VSX1022k and need to get some speakers tomorrow on boxing day so I can watch TV and Projection movies.
My 3 options are:

Klipsch HDT 500 5.1 $349

Polk TL1600 $299

JBL package 5.0


Jamo 5.0 S606HCS3HG $499

(If i go with a 5.0 system I will use my Polk PSW10 sub, if not I can still return this sub)

Any imput / suggestions? Highly appreciated! Thanks!
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forgot this one:

Harman Kardon 5.1 HKTS16BQ $399
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Right now I'm leaning towards the JBL set...
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The jamo set has the biggest drivers in the front towers...which is just one component to a good speaker set!
The Polk and Kilpsch sets have very small drivers and are designed for small rooms!
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I had the Jamo set (they were my back-up system while I auditioned other speakers) and at that price point they had a surprisingly good sound for both music and HT. Also they will easily fill a large space, esp. compared to the satellite systems in your list.

I haven't heard the JBL's.
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I would definitely suggest the Jamo system, in comparison to the others mentioned.

Actually, Amazon has the Jamo S426 HCS3 5.0 system for the incredible low price of $137. It is quite good, and the price is crazy good at the moment.

I would suggest that you return the PSW10 sub, unless you have a very small room and intend to keep the volume very low.

IMO it does not have adequate size or power for most situations.

The Polk PSW505 is much more capable IMO and you should be able to get it for around $220.
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The HK is essentially a bigger and better version of this JBL set I bought ~10yrs ago. The HKs have double the drivers mine do. It's been an excellent little system for the $350 I spent on it. I've upgraded the front three slowly over the years but still use the surrounds for the rest in 7.1.
That said, for the small difference in price I think I'd get the Jamos. Much bigger and capable system.
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Ended up buying the JBL set with a JBL 10'' 150watt sub. I read somewhere that the JAMO tweeter were bad, made of very cheap materials.
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I'd love to see some pictures or hear your impressions on the JBL Loft 50 set.. on paper it sounds very good and it seems to be the top deal at best buy canada right now but I haven't found any real reviews.
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Both are nice, but the Jamo is the better set....don't worry about the tweeter.....stuff happens.....and thats usually when people complain + post pictures......tweeters are replaceable

I went and looked at them in the store.....the JBL's looked nice but they were extremely light, even with the extra drivers.....could be attributed to the cabinet size but each tower weighs about 1/2 as much as the Jamo tower

The Jamo also has larger drivers, which is usually found on higher-end systems......dual 5" for mids is better than triple 4" drivers IMO

Also the Jamo has 8" woofers for lows....the JBL has dual 6.5's.......but the cabinets they are housed in are so small....usually bigger enclosure's = bigger sound

In conclusion....the Jamo was the better choice for me, and others who want big sound.....if you have a smaller room and will mostly be using it for movies, then the JBL set should be fine....and the slim towers look pretty nice I have to admit

Spend the extra $100 and get this sub no matter what set you go with: http://www.visions.ca/Catalogue/Category/Details.aspx?categoryId=162&productId=587&sku=PSW505

Twice the power....and it can almost hit 20Hz....you will be able to feel the bass rather than just hear it....it will blow that JBL or that other Polk sub away

I also looked at this set:: http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/-/b0000946.aspx?path=731c5d5d081da1952578a5dc51ff94daen02 .....but I wasn't a fan of the sound....and I still think Jamo is better quality
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Originally Posted by Jennifer West View Post

Ended up buying the JBL set with a JBL 10'' 150watt sub. I read somewhere that the JAMO tweeter were bad, made of very cheap materials.
SO ? happy with your choice?
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I didn't like the Klipsch sound.....the JBL sounded better in my opinion......my Jamo set arrived today and I couldn't be happier.....the pics on the site don't do them justice.....they are the "High Gloss Black" ones....the website picture is of the "Black Ash" version.....the glossy black is very sleek looking

Also scored a pair of Polk RTI10's on clearance for $250/each.....gonna hook those up in the basement with a 2-channel amp smile.gif
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Good choice, glad you like the Jamo.
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Congrats - enjoy!
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So I went and exchanged my JBL for the Jamo. None of them was on display so I couldn't listen too but I listened to your opinion guys and went with Jamo.
Now, time to look for a nice sub ...
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I love my Jamo set, and I was lucky enough to snag a Jamo 650 sub from Vanns before they ran out. What is your subwoofer budget?
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It depends...but let's say ...around $400.
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like I said before the Polk PSW505 from Visions is a good deal at $300.....but now the price is up to $350

Visions has a Cerwin Vega 12" 300W for the same price too....but I like the Polk better.....check out the frequency range wink.gif

IMO the subs at Visions are better....Futureshop/Bestbuy don't have anything comparable for the price

here's a list of subs Visions has right now: http://www.visions.ca/Catalogue/Category/ProductResults.aspx?categoryId=162&brandid=0&start_price=0&end_price=0&menuClickCatID=155&category_name=Subwoofers
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yeah I like it....hard to beat for the price

those are good prices if you know someone or live close to the border and can go pick it up.....

Newegg.com doesn't ship to Canada (have to use Newegg.ca)....and that promo code expired on Dec 23

Amazon.com won't ship that particular item to Canada either

even for $350 it's the best sub for the price IMO
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