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Time for a new receiver???

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I recently upgraded my speakers... I got the Def Tech BP8060ST the 8040 center, and the bp8040 surrounds (for the back surrounds), and I have the promonitor 1000's for the surrounds. I am also running 2 supercube II's. I am using lfe cables connected to both subs and the fronts using y splitters. Using 12g speaker wire, and dual shielded lfe cables.

I have been using the Sony STR Dn 1000 for few years, and upgrading my speakers got me wondering if it was also time to upgrade my receiver.. Any suggestions would be helpful.. I am not interested in wifi or bluetooth, what I am looking for is whether upgrading will get me better sound.. I would say use is 75- movies/gaming, and 25% music. Budget wise if upgrading will make a significant difference I'd like to stick under $1000, max would be $1500
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You're wondering if you should upgrade your receiver? How does it sound?

If you're not happy with the sound maybe look at the Onkyo NR818 while its at its lowest pricing.

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A $1000 reciever with audysey will provide an audiable improvement
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Wow any reason why they have this model priced so low, none of their other models like the 1010 are on sale?
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It's called a sale. Take advantage of the pricing while you can.

I bought my Denon 1613 for $138 on Amazon 3 weeks ago. I didn't question why it was this price, I jumped on the deal. Now the same receiver is $329.

One thing I've found about sales, if you snooze you lose! that pricing wont last long.
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I placed the order today. Should be here Friday. It'll be like Christmas all over lol.
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talk about perfect timing.. price went back up today...
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I have the same setup as you. I am using a Onkyo Nr TX-1010 it puts out 140 Watts per. It has every bell and whistle you can want including audyessy multi eq xt32.
I bought it on ebay 2 months ago for $1300 . I just got a hell of a deal from a friend on pre-amp plus separate amp. I am selling it for $700 right now . Its absolutely as new . the xt32 is awesome.

jjdjrose@gmail .com
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