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My Sony KV D3431 is now lying in the junk room. Two times in its best life, lightening damaged it. The second tuner and Power pack.
I got the replacements from Europe through my friends. Second time when it gone dead, all our effort to give it a third life not found any positive result.

The 'Sony Service' laugh whenever I talk to them about extending a repair service to this. No more CRTs! Only LCD/LED.....

Is there any possibility to give it another life?

No need for any tuner replacement or audio!! Just one Video In will be fine to plug-in my set top box video. Audio I can manage with external, even though the sub woofer and other mounted speakers may go useless.

I need the Power pack Box ( F/G boards) first. Most of the components taken away by the lightening.

Earlier we repaired the G board (Power Reg.) by replacing the ic 601 - POWER MODULE -DM38 (1-236-237-11) and transistors Q601/602
2SC4056P(8-729-905-72). Our search for a source for these is still on!

Please help me with any information that may be helpful. Ready to bear all reasonable expenses.
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I'm not familiar with that model nor know where you're located but if it's a 34" CRT I'd say let it go, you can do better on Craigslist for free or less than the parts and hassle. Just recycle it responsibly if possible.
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I missed to tell-I am from India.
Thank you for the kind response.
This model is originally imported to India by a diplomat family when they came back from Europe.
The Tuners and pix processor PCBs are made in Germany!

I am finding it difficult to do the responsible recycle here in our place, so thought of making it working and do the recycle by that way.
I have a hope if I could get a Power module DM-38,(1-236-237-11) we may try our luck. But it is not available anywhere in the online ordering sites.


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