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Need help deciding on budget LED TV.

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These are the 2 choices I narrowed it down to.

Insignia 32" 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (NS-32D120A13)


Samsung specs

Insigina Specs

Insignia reviews

Samsung review (CNET)

I can't decide if the Samsung is worth $110 more (after taxes) than the Insiginia. They are both 32", they are both direct backlit, they are both 720p and they both have minimal features. From the reviews it seems the Samsung panel looks better but I am not sure if that justifies the extra cost. Can someone tell me if the Samsung TV is wroth the cost?

One of big things about the Insignia is that there is no "professional" review on it. Which is creating more doubt for me even if the specs are pretty much the same.

I am going to pick a TV today so if someone can give me a quick answer it'd be really helpful.
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I've never seen the insignia but after returning a few TVs I went back to the Samsung because it had the best picture quality in my opinion.

Worth it to me. But I use my TV mainly for ps3 gameplay.
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Insignia 39" LCD looks pretty good as long as it's hooked up to a HD box, sharpness up all the way, and overscan off.
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I also found this LG 32" LED (Edge lit (two in the OP are direct)) which looks better than the Samsung. Is edge lit really that much worse than full? All of the TVs are non local dimming.


So far the pros and cons I found:


PC input
Headphone out

No game or sports mode.
No fancy sound settings
No local dimming

Better quality (?)
Brand name
Sound enhancement
game mode, sports and movie mode

~$110 more expensive
No PC port
No local dimming
No audio out

Better quality (?)
Brand name
Sound enhancement
Less energy
game, movie and sports mode
picture config wizard

Edge lit
No local dimming
~$112 more expensive
No PC input
No audio output
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Why LED? I compared the Insignia 32" LCD & LED 720p sets in the store & to me the LCD pic quality is overall better. (I bought the LCD for 189.00) The LED also has a cheap looking cabinet, the sound is unacceptable & if using an antenna, the channel changes are painfully slow.
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The 32" Led menioned in OP is on sale for $199 now. There is also another Insignia LED that is more more money but also a 720p 32" 60 mhz. I am guessing the one for $199 is an older model.
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I ended up not not getting any of those. I got the Sammy but plan on returning it. I got the Panasonic L32X5, so far I'm liking it other than the minor screen bleeding (small spot at the bottom length of the screen).
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