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Have just set up Panasonic DMR BDT320

My System

Naim 552 preamp
Naim 500 power amp
B&W802D Speakers
Pioneer 52" Plasma 5000Ex
Naim CD555 CD player

I have set the 320 to Analogue Audio via phono jacks direct to Pre Amp and
HDMi for video to plasma

The thing is I read on this forum that Bitstream goes to AVr for decode yet I have it set to bitstream and not PCM and audio jacks analogue to pre amp ie not via AVR so where is it decoded or is that what analogue means for this machine ie it goes bitstream to pre amp ....but that is digital???

I am told that analogue beats dig optical and HDMI

Can some one advise about this and also how I should set it up for best performance?

Its a 2 channel system as you can see.

I cannot interpret the sub menus... advice gratefully received
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Welcome to AVS. MODS ask that all posts go in the appropriate player thread for the Panasonic:


You can also read up in the dedicated audio thread.


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Please post in the thread(s) that teachsac provided. Your other thread was moved to the 3D source component forum. To follow your threads and posts, click on your profile name and towards the bottom will list those threads your are paticipating in.
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